Good Cigar Humidors will keep your cigars fresh, flavorful, and ready to smoke, no matter where you live and what the humidity level might be. As such, if you enjoy a good cigar and have a growing cigar collection, cigar humidors are an essential accessory, and here are our top 10!

Symphony by Boca do Lobo

Among a gentleman’s most valuable possessions there is always a special place for his finest cigars. Symphony humidor is the perfect place to keep them, providing constant humidity to store cigars, keeping them in the best conditions.

Top 10 Cigar Humidors That You Need to Know

The air inside the case is kept moist, which in turn keeps the cigars moist as well. Symphony is lined in brass pipes because it is always a pleasant experience to smoke a fine cigar while enjoying good music.


Damajagua by Davidoff

This exceptional marquetry blending 25 different materials and for the first time, tobacco leaf has been inspired by the Damajagua region and its abundant forest. The Terroir of Davidoff located in the North-West of the Dominican Republic. This oasis is the source of tobacco with a pure character, protected by a symbolic benevolent vermilion bird, tobacco leaves flourish to give the perfect grounds to the perfect cigars.

The good spirits of nature protection and caring for Davidoff’s true richness, its terroir. Each Masterpiece humidor Damajagua is accompanied by 50 gorgeous Davidoff Damajagua Toro cigars, exclusively blended by Davidoff’s Master Blender.

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Console Tables Boca do Lobo

Tabletop Humidor by Doettling

This tabletop humidor may seem familiar to some enthusiasts of the finest in locksmith craft. And quite rightly so, because a similar model is integrated into the safes of the series “The Fortress”.

This begins with the fact that the humidor can be opened by simply pulling out a drawer. The interior is made of original Spanish cedar and is atmospherically showcased by LED spotlights. The heart of every humidor is, of course, the humidifier. In this case, a Cigarspa product has been perfectly integrated into the drawer.

Qatari Flag Humidor by Linley

The cigar humidor is lined with Spanish cedar and contains a German designed Cigar Spa humidification system in a special vented compartment. It Houses up to 50 cigars. These humidors featuring the Qatari flag, constructed in dyed walnut with a burnished finish. The boxes are distinguished by an undulating ripple effect on the surface to evoke a flag fluttering in the wind.

Vertigo by Maklary Humidors

This model of luxury humidors, like all other Maklary Humidors, is the fruit of years of hard work and perfection of the designer Zoltan Maklary.

Vertigo, besides the extraordinary first impression it creates, is unique in terms of its specially designed clean lines and smooth curves, technical virtuosity, and the most advanced technological solutions.

Geneve Cigar Chest by Imperiali

The next luxury Cigar Humidors is a Chest crowned with a tourbillon timepiece, 24 Grand Cru cigars wrapped in gold leaves, and protected by a private code.

This piece s equipped with a touch screen lock and humidity and temperature indicators, cigar cutter/perforator, table lighter, and automatically opening ashtray.

Black Slate Deluxe by Adorini

Rather than using the same rare woods as most other companies, Adorini decided to make a humidor that truly belongs in a man cave. The Black Slate Deluxe is slick and effective, featuring one of the best humidification systems on the market.

Acrylic by Zino

Zino Acrylic Humidor is one of the most reasonably priced humidors in the Zino portfolio and one of the best on the market. Acrylic makes for tighter seams, and the non-porous material means less humidity is lost and absorbed than with a wooden unit.

888 Humidor by Solloshi

Solloshi 888 Humidor is a giant cigar humidor crafted to the highest standards from CNC-machined.

Those familiar with the finest modern watches, luxury cars and weapons, this is the same material that these are made from, and you will appreciate even more the difficulties and related benefits linked to this method of manufacturing.

Grand Connoisseur XL by Buben & Zorweg

The scope of a collection can soon start to push the boundaries when the collector’s heart beats with true passion, and that’s just what happened with this cigar humidor. Caring for ideal storage conditions and an appealing presentation is also a must in noble surroundings such as a cigar lounge.

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Cabinets GIF Boca do Lobo