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The Best of Collectable Design

Whether you are looking for that exquisite statement piece that perfectly ties in your art-filled home, or just appreciate the exclusive nature of limited-edition items, this is for you. An exclusive gathering of the renowned and the emerging, both passionate and geniuses’ names in the most creative and innovative industry of collectable design. A meticulous and carefully-picked selection that ranges from the best international collectable design artists to the most exquisite iconic pieces of design from all around the globe, that will do the wonders of our most beloved and avid readers. Discover the newest names in the business or get reacquainted with the classics, who can never do no wrong.


Super Yachts

Superyachts are the essence, personification and an epitome of a luxury lifestyle. The yachting life is one filled with luxury, relaxation, sophistication and class. Recognized as one of the most expensive, posh and exclusive luxury purchases and resources, a yacht is a symbol of prosperity and supremacy Only the world’s richest people with unparalleled wealth, capital and prosperity can afford this unique extravagance: the yachting luxury lifestyle comprises the height of superiority and luxury From the best modern yachts, to the most remarkable yacht interior designers and the most exclusive yachting events, here is an outstanding selection of the sailing world