Throughout history, people have always sought to protect their biggest valuables:  for any person with a luxury lifestyle that invests in a modern timepiece, it’s essential to invest in stunning watch winders with a contemporary design because they are the best handy tool that keeps exclusive luxury watches in perfect working conditions.

To keep your timepieces with a unique design totally safe, discover in the article some of the best watch winders by luxury brands: all of them have an uncommon, elegant and luxury design, all of them represent the essence of empowerment and sophistication and also, all of them are golden.

Diamond Golden Watch Winder

Golden and Modern Watch Winders to Keep Safe Your Timepieces

One of the remarkable watch winders is the Diamond. By Boca do Lobo, this craftsmanship masterpiece provides proper care and secure storage to high-end watches. Lapidated like a precious stone, this beautiful piece is sculpted in mahogany wood, finished in lacquer or gold leaf and high gloss varnish coat, featuring one single rotor that will keep an automatic watch mechanism going long after time takes its toll.

Knox Watch Winder

Strong, impenetrable, precise, the Knox Luxury watch winder features a contemporary design that combines functionality with a sense of fantasy, with a solid black grid frame punctured with golden rivets that cover the polished gold plated body. By Boca do Lobo, the interior features an eight-rotor modular watch winder mechanism.

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Ferris Wheel Gold

The Ferris Wheel Gold by Kunstwinder is one of the most unique watch winders ever: simultaneously a celebration of the ceaseless and a remembrance of things past, of time ever regained and a fitting setting to display your most treasured timepieces.

Boxy Watch Winder Fancy Brick Gold

By Beco, the Boxy Fancy Brick watch winder is suitable for one watch. Up to three watch winders can be driven by one battery power supply. The contacts ensure the power supply.

LumiSidus11 Watch Winder

The LumiSidus11 Watch Winder combines functionality and design. The result is a must have for every watch lover who wants the smoothest treatment for his watches. Your timepieces are wound up by a gentle and harmonic movement without any quick stops or fast spins. Recognized as one of the best watch winders ever, the crystal stand is handcrafted from small crystal fragments like a mosaic.

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