The next luxury safes are perfect to you can have your little treasures more safer than ever. This luxury safes have a exclusive design are all made by a luxury brand named Boca do Lobo. This brand is expert at luxury furniture all of them have the best design and luxury design too.

luxury safes

Crafted from a mahogany wood frame, Dalí is covered in cast brass and finished with a gold plating layer. It boasts a slim and elegant look, accented by two highly ornamented mantel clocks casted on the body. Both use filigree, a delicate jewelry metalwork technique that draws inspiration from the artistic motifs of Portuguese craftsmanship.

luxury safes

Inside, secret compartments and six watch winders can be regulated in order to take the best care of the most exquisite automatic watches. The interiors can be customized with different sets of watch winders.

luxury safes

Built in a Mahogany structure and gold-plated polished brass frame with several dents, it sparks both interest and imagination reminding the vault robbery attempts in the old west.

luxury safes

Nestled in a turned brass silver plated gear-wheel mechanism, an imposing safe handle obeys the will of is master through a secret dial lock combination.

luxury safes

The overlay door makes room for an open space lined in velvet to keep liquors or other luxury lifestyle items, and a set of lockable drawers and door.

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Baron is a luxury floor safe designed in Neo-Victorian style and inspired by the precision craft of Swiss watchmaking. It is an exceptional piece of top-notch craftsmanship and steampunk influence, being covered by brass and stainless steel gears on the outside.

It features eight watch winders, cigar humidors and four drawers for extra storage, all upholstered in a soft black velvet. Baron can be opened on both sides via remote, using an automatic engine controlled mechanism. Built on a sturdy wooden frame, it is lined with polished brass, making this a timeless and remarkable design piece.


The Symphony Luxury safe is a statement piece whose contemporary design emulates the grandeur of traditional church organ pipes. Crafted in an exotic wood body that’s enveloped in a tubular cluster of gold plated polished brass tubes, it features a pair of overlay doors that make way for a fully customizable interior, allowing fittings for multiple watch winder boxes, jewelry drawers, holders, watch compartments or cigar humidors. A jewelry safe cabinet that brings music to the quietest of rooms, the Symphony keeps the precious items safe and impeccably organized.

Strong, impenetrable, precise, the Knox Luxury Safe features a contemporary design that combines functionality with a sense of fantasy, with a solid black grid structure punctured with golden rivets that cover the polished gold plated body. The bold handle is a beautiful jewelry piece on its own, with an intricate motif crafted in brass using traditional sand molds that epitomize Portuguese traditional craftsmanship without sacrificing security. The standard interiors features eight module watch winders and a set of drawers with different heights.


The Diamond floor safe reinterprets the quintessential diamond shape throughout contemporary design, a beautiful outcome of architectural thinking with elegant faceted lines. With a structure built in wood and finished in fine oriental black lacquer with a high gloss varnish coat, its hidden door conceals a six module watch winder box, a certified safe with a touch sensitive illuminated keypad, and a gold plated liquor pull-out tray.

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