Luxury Safes presents you today a modern console table with an exclusive design by one of the most furniture luxury brands, Boca do Lobo: The Monochrome Console Table.

If you look for some colorful, unique and modern interior design, you must read this article and discover this contemporary console table with a luxury design.

The Monochrome Console Table by Boca do Lobo is built from three separate modules and features a unique shape. As a fine art piece of luxury furniture, it’s available in electric blue or purple lacquer finish, with a high gloss varnish coat.



This shiny blue makes it have even a more modern design. Blue is always the warmest color so it is adaptable to any luxury interior design. Also, one thing’s for sure this piece will outshine every other piece and will make your home decor stand out even more.


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The Monochrome Console Table is a demonstration of both imagination and strong design skills, combined exceptional craftsmanship. This fine art piece of living room furniture is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting. It expresses a leading-edge outlook though it’s distinct shape and color. Available in purple and electric blue, the Monochrome Console Table by Boca do Lobo transmits attitude and spine. This extravagant console table transmits sophistication and originality resulting in a luxurious piece of modern furniture, one of the most perfect to improve a luxury lifestyle.



This striking purple color is the best asset for your entryway or entrance hall in order to make an incredible first impression. Be inspired by this modern and luxury design that would fit your exclusive home décor!



Discover the Luxury Monochrome Console Table by Boca do Lobo

One of the most futuristic pieces on Boca do Lobo‘s limited edition is also in a stunning golden. This console table is the perfect addition for a luxury interior design.

A great thing about Boca do Lobo is that their pieces can be completely customized according to your wishes and needs. So, everything is possible. Take some design ideas from this unique console table designs and build your luxury living room with the fine art pieces of this exclusive furniture brand from Portugal.


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