Originally from Aveiro, Portugal, the Gold Grail Gin is a Premium Gin, distilled in its own still with a distillation column of three stages and flavored with Carqueja Blossom and Salicornia.

Gin is the drink of a well-spent summer. But it can get boring, even for the most exquisite gin lovers, to always have the same drink, with the same flavors. For that, we present you the Gold Grail Gin, a Premium Gin.

“Where the ruggedness of the Mountain meets the freshness of the Sea”: this good gin compiles the unique concept of the link between the robustness of the Mountain and the freshness of the sea, with a little tropical touch given by Fava Tonka, this top gin is associated with the mystery of the remaining botanists that compose it.


Gold Grail Gin: A Premium Gin With a Unique Concept



About the production method, the Gold Grail Gin as a Premium Gin is 100% handmade. Recognized as one of the best gins in Portugal and over the world, it is produced from neutral alcohol with 96% of volume made from a base of wheat and rice to which water is then added to lower it to 50%, Gold Grail Premium Gin is distilled with 13 botanists.



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Cereal Alcohol, Botanics, and water are the main ingredients of this special gin. In the process, only 4/5 of the botanists are added to the alcohol (50% vol.) for the maceration of 72 hours, after which time the coercion is made.  After this, the liquid of this Premium Gin enters a small 80-liter copper still and the 1/5 botanists left outside are then added to a suspended net within the still. In this way, only the distillate vapor has contact with these botanists.



As you know, a top gin requires a careful palette and often comes with a highly detailed flavor profile that requires complex compliments. The result is an expensive, supreme and Premium gin with 42% alcohol with a salty touch resulting from the use of Salicornia, but to which Carqueja Flower adds the sweetness that brings its balance.


Perfect to elevate and emphasize a luxury lifestyle, the Gold Grail Premium Gin was exhibited at Boca do Lobo’ stand during Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan. When two luxury brands as Boca do Lobo and Gold Grail get together, the result is impressive: modern furniture with an exclusive design and the great flavors inside this Premium Gin made the perfect portrait of a contemporary Portugal.




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