Good cigar humidors will keep your cigars fresh, flavorful and ready to smoke, no matter where you live and what the humidity level might be. As such, it’s an essential accessory if you enjoy a good cigar and have a growing cigar collection.

Cigar humidors come in a variety of designs and sizes, ranging from small desktop humidors to high-end humidors with internal shelves and digital hygrometers. Since your humidor is responsible for keeping your cigars fresh and ready to smoke, it’s more of an investment than it is a purchase. Invest in a good humidor, and you’ll enjoy a more satisfying, fulfilling smoke from your cigars, as well as a much lower risk of your cigars getting damaged. Below, we’ve put together the 2007 best sellers cigar humidors, take a look.

MANTELLO 25-50 with Glass Top

   The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors of 2017This humidor has an elegant Rosewood Finish, a Spanish Cedar Interior and a scratch resistant felt lined the bottom. The interior is lined with Spanish Cedar, which helps retain humidity while preserving the cigars and also enhances the aroma and taste of the cigars. This piece has glass on the top so that you can view your cigars without having to open the humidor and, also, is complemented by the gold plated piano hinges, a metal hygrometer, a humidifier, and a removable cedar divider.

SCORCH TORCH with Hygrometer

The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors of 2017

Scorch Torch has a reputation for producing quality humidors that are very affordable. This classy clear-topped wooden box, which can hold anywhere from 25 to 50 cigars, is one of the best examples of Scorch Torch’s attention to detail.

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THE BALLY ‘100-COUNT-HUMIDOR’  with Cedar Tray

The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors of 2017

Its classic cherry finish and see through glass top make the handsome Bally humidor a fine choice. The Bally’s Spanish cedar interior features a removable tray with an adjustable divider. Below the tray, there is additional storage space to section off your cigars. Equipped internal locking hinges for additional support. Features an external mount hygrometer, large humidifier and lock and key set. Seals perfectly so your expensive cigars are always fresh.

Portable Travel Humidor by SCOTTE

The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors of 2017

For those who desire a balance between portability, style, and reliability, the Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case from Scotte is a fine choice indeed. This wonderfully compact travel humidor will prove a great find for any cigar aficionado on the go who doesn’t want a bulky, hard plastic travel humidor. This feature-ridden gem is as solid as a travel humidor option as it gets.

The Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case features a nicely textured genuine leather exterior and zipper closure that keeps the contents protected and the interior is comprised of both cedar and pine wood which shelter a long, bar-type humidification unit. The humidification device is a solid performer, yet there is enough room for you to upgrade to the bar or tube humidifier of your choice.

LA CUBANA Leather Travel Cigar Humidor

The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors of 2017

Designed with frequent travelers in mind, the La Cubana Genuine Leather Cigar Humidor is a small travel humidor that provides space for up to 15 cigars. With its leather exterior and brass hardware, this humidor has a premium look that makes it a great birthday or Christmas gift.

ADIRONDACK Rustic Wood Humidor

The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors of 2017

The Adirondack is a humidor brimming with rugged charm. Capable of holding up to 100 cigars, it comes fully equipped with all the essential features and includes SureSeal technology, kiln-dried Spanish cedar lining, Spanish cedar tray with divider, 2 bottom dividers, lock & key, large rectangular humidifier, and glass hygrometer.

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The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors of 2017

The Whynter Stainless Steel Cigar Humidor & Cooler is an ideal cigar storage system that can help preserve the flavor of your cigars and protect them. It is designed to help store and age cigars within the optimal humidity range of 62% to 75% at room temperature. This cigar cooler humidor contains a humidification tray and equipped with an elegant analog hygrometer which helps monitor the desired level of humidity. Furnished with four Spanish Cedar flat shelves and two spacious drawers, this cigar humidor helps maintain humidity, emits a light complementary aroma, and helps repel damaging insects. In addition to its main purpose of storing, preserving, and aging cigars, the Whynter Cigar Cooler Humidor is also an attractive and elegant showcase for your prized collection.


The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors of 2017

Colores Azul Blue humidor is one of our latest creations and the most exquisite humidor in our new Designer Colors humidor line. It has a Blue Birds Eye Maple burl exterior with rich Lapis inlays around the smooth rounded borders, and a thick Spanish Cedar interior that flaunts elegance and sophistication. The blue humidor shines like a diamond. The high-gloss piano shine is the result of 17 meticulous coats of lacquer. This heavy weight brings a Spanish cedar divider, aerator tray, and tray divider. Its solid brass hardware includes gold-plated hidden quadrant piano hinges, lock and keys, and hygrometer.