Martell , one of the oldest cognac houses, recently announced the launch of a limited-edition blend, Martell Premier Voyage, in time for its tri-centenary in 2015. Cellar master Benoît Fil created the Martell Premier Voyage using 18 eaux-de-vie from deep within Martell’s cellars. Retracing Jean Martell’s footsteps, Fil sampled the eaux-de-vie created by the families whose ancestors originally supplied to the founder. He then crafted the blend and aged it in barrels made from oak from a 300-year-old tree.



Martell Premier Voyage Launch - Day 2


The teardrop-shaped Sèvres crystal decanter was designed by French artist Bernar Venet and acts as a counterpoint to the strong lines created by the COR-TEN steel arcs, which come in three distinct clusters representing the 300-year anniversary. The thing that sets it apart from other decanters is the liquid can only be extracted from the decanter with a pipette that the cellar master uses to extract and taste eaux-de-vie with.



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On the inspiration for the design of the decanter, Venet said, “I was inspired by the date 1715, as the year that Louis XIV died and this great cognac house was born. I have in the past created a sculpture around a statue of Louis XIV and I wanted a sense of continuity with my work. The arches in the work represent this continuity and a sense of time. The three arc clusters represent the three centuries that we are celebrating. There are so many parallels between Versailles, the birthplace of Art De Vivre, and Martell and with what I do.” There will only be 300 of the Martell Premier Voyage decanters available globally and each is priced at €10,000. Every decanter will be signed, numbered and produced based on order.