The millionaire club is the most restrict one, but this is changing for the better. If you’re lucky to become one, then you’ll have the chance of shopping and using luxurious brands in the world that are not only very expensive but also audacious. These include cars, designer clothing, home appliances and yachts. Here’s a look at the top 5 luxury machines for millionaires.

Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie
the top 5 super gears for millionaires
A wrist watch is a basic device, but a handful of them are luxurious and go well into the million dollar bracket. The Hublot Classic is one such. Surprisingly, it’s limited to just eight pieces and is a stunning piece of craftsmanship entirely developed at the manufacturer’s workshop.
It comes with three rows of stones with a combined weight of 17.39 carats. There are 120 diamonds in the bezel weighing 5.77 carats, 122 diamonds in the case middle weighing 7.24 carats, two end-pieces 66 diamonds with a weight 3.77 carats, and 24 diamonds in the crown alone weighing 0.61 carats. This is an extraordinary adornment. See here the most expensive watches in the world.

Aurumania’s Gold Bikepodilato-aurumania

If House of Solid Gold’s $1m gold bike is pushing your budget a touch too much, consider instead Swedish manufacturer Aurumania’s offering – also gold-plated, handmade and decorated with more than 600 fine Swarovski crystals, it’s a relative bargain at €80,000.
Details include a moulded leather saddle from traditional saddle-maker Brooks, and handlebar grips made of hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather. Only 10 of these expensive bikes have been made, and the first was sold to a London man who promptly hung it on the wall in his lobby as art.

Phone 5: Black Diamond Handsetthe top 5 super gears for millionaires

The world’s most expensive iPhone 5 has been produced, and the value of this gold and diamond handset is so far beyond the reach of mere mortals, it would even make your garden-variety millionaires gadget.
his is the work of UK-based luxury designer Stuart Hughes, who designed the phone at the request of a Chinese businessman who wanted to take a family heirloom — a rare 26-carat black diamond — and incorporate it into the handset. in the solid gold, and white and black diamonds, cost about $15.3 million.

The Monaco 2050 Super yacht
the top 5 super gears for millionaires
A super machine, the super yacht is a futuristic cruiser that is the brainchild of renowned Russian businessman Vasily Klyukin. It doubles up as a plane and chopper that has the ability to land and take off just like an F-35 fighter plane. Should it become a reality, the vessel could allow you to hop from one part of the world in a matter of minute.
This would surely be a unique vessel in its own category. But as it stands, no yacht-maker has concrete plans to develop the Monaco 2050. See also the superyacht ultimate toys.

Maybach Exelero
the top 5 super gears for millionaires
At a retail price of $8M, the Exelero is easily the most expensive sports car in the market. The thirties-inspired beauty resembles a modern limousine and oozes both class and sophistication with its sleek design. It comes with a twin turbo V12 engine and attains top speeds of over 350 km/h. It can reach 60mph in as little as 4.4 second.
It can take a keen eye to spot the massive tires in their full beauty and attractive all-black surroundings.

What is your favorite billionaire super gear?