The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection, 1939

The finest whiskey in the world$10,125/700 ml bottle

The Macallan Fine & Rare 40 Year Old replaces the 60 Year Old vintage as the most expensive bottle on the market today.

This vintage was first bottled in 1979, hence the 40-year-old designation. In 2002, Macallan rebottled its entire Fine & Rare collection for consistency of appearance. On the nose, this one starts with notes of orange and rich, dried fruit, like dates and prunes. You’ll also pick up notes of treacle and vanilla toffees with just a hint of peat. On the tongue, look for rich peat and powerful woodsy tastes that are pleasantly offset by notes of sweet toffee and fruit.

Sure, $10,000 seems like a lot for a bottle of whisky, but when you taste this one, you might forget the price for just a moment. A dram of the best damn whiskyThe finest whiskey in the worldThe finest whiskey in the world

The finest whiskey in the world

There you have it: a Whisky has a special place in spirit drinkers’ hearts, and this bottle are sure to warm the body and soul.