In current days, technology grows as the Earth spins. This speedy change affect us all, in different parameters, and even that intuitive act of looking to the wrist trying to see the hours is near to its end. But there’s something the best smartphone can’t take from a watch: its style.

Luxury Safes is determined to show you the class and the mystic of those timepieces. That’s why we bring you some creative watches, those that bear a long legacy and are made with the spontaneity of craftmen. With this artistic decoration, no one will forget the love for timepieces.

Inovation brought advanced technology, but even watchmakers are no longer worried if the watch is highly complicated, but also their finishes, their materials and that enchanting design that makes them attractive. For watch lovers and people who are really interested in this art of making the best timepieces, and because we have 12 months and 12 hour marks in our watch, here are the 12 most creatively designed masterpieces!


12. Eye of a Storm

Eye Of A Storm- A Watch Without A Face

Is it really useful? Maybe… The creative mind was the watchmaker, but so are you. It seems you’ll have to imagine which time is!


11. Whatever, I’m Late Anyway


What’s your problem? Nothing better than having no worries with time. Maybe isn’t so useful as you expected, but it’ll certainly relax you.


10. The Accurate Watch

The Accurate Watch – Designed To Remind Us That We Should Seize The Moment While We Can

It has a major function – to remember you should enjoy the best moments of your life! The time for it? Doesn’t really matters…


9. Geeky Equation Watch

Geeky Equation Watch

If you want it to be good, you must know about math first. Wanna know the hours? Just calculate them.


8. Time Traveller


And if the Geeky Equation asks you to be Einstein, this one here demands you to know geographics as Willy Fogg. The Time Traveller uses cities’ ex libris to provide you the time there.


7. Boombox Watch


It seems you ready to… explode with fashion! This watch can also pretend as if it was a radio and you just need to tune it on the station you want.


6. Hand-Painted Poetic Wish

Hand-Painted Poetic Wish Watch

Sensational design! Besides having a great possibility of appearing in your “wish list”, Poetic is much more than a watch – is pure fine art.


5. The Bradley


Not for jokes. This timepiece has on its function its major way of creativity. It was designed for blind people to touch on the hour marks and then on the needle, to know what’s the time.


4. Astronomical Watch

Astronomical Watch Accurately Shows The Solar System’s Movements On Your Wrist

The Astronomical is positively very complicated! It shows you the constelations and moon movements in real-time!


3. Earth and Moon

Earth And Moon Watch

Another astronomic watch, that also provides you information in real-time. Don’t mind about time zones – this timepiece goes dark where the moon is and goes bright where the sun shines. What are these watchmaker’s limits?


2. Salvador Dalí’s Persistence of Memory

Salvador Dalí’s Persistence of Memory-Inspired Melted Wristwatch

Do you know that painture from Salvador Dalí, called Melted Wristwatch? This one here recreates it perfectly, what takes it to the number two of our top! There’s no way you can wear more class with another accessory!


1. The Bird Minute Repeater by Jaquet Droz

There aren’t many words than can describe this watch. It worth millions and creativity is mixed with luxury. Just see by yourself what happens when the hours go o’clock.

Which one did you liked the most?