The Dior Timepieces are absolutely fantastic and just perfect for your luxury lifestyle, so if you want to know them in detail, keep reading more about this luxury brand. This luxury watches are a perfect luxury gift to offer.


This watch speaks the language of couture. This process brings together a range of highly-technical artisanal skills that are applied to a breathtakingly beautiful object.

La Chaux-de-Fonds is the setting for the Watchmaking Workshops and it is here, in the home of Swiss watchmaking, that a design from the studios will take form, taking shape as a watch. The watch was born by the result of a close collaboration between designers and watchmakers to transform an artistic vision into a timepiece satisfying the highest standards of fine craftsmanship.

This Timepieces is equipped with the exclusive design Inversé calibre – a signature of the watch that gives voice to the language of couture directly on the timepiece. The oscillating mass that winds mechanical movements is usually concealed. It rotates on itself, transforming time into a dancer’s swirling skirt.

To achieve perfect uniformity of tone, three times more gems must be cut than are actually needed for the bezel of the watch. Each one is individually faceted, according to its destined position in this piece of illuminated marquetry to grace the wrist.

The Inversé calibre means that the oscillating weight features on the dial. The conventions of watchmaking make way for a whirling dance that follows the movements of the wearer’s arm, just as a fine material follows those of the body.

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Thus the Grand Bal timepieces evoke fabrics and the way they fall, recalling some of the skills involved in dressmaking. The oscillating weights can even be openworked, resembling embroidery in gold, clothed in a delicate fan of feathers, or ornamented with a fine silk thread spun like lace.

The meaning of the various components becomes clear when they function together, adjusted to within a tenth of a millimetre at the Watchmaking Workshops.

Behind the unique Parisian style of a timepiece, it is still a Swiss watch. As such, it is subjected to validation procedures and stringent testing. It undergoes a quality control check.

The watch has long proved its ability to withstand the ravages of time; this best design is quality that lasts a lifetime.

The watch is a watch of multiple facets. A fine creation of real style. Its nature as a watch gives rise to a series of demands requiring a manufacturing process of the highest standards.

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