In preview of Baselworld 2016 that starts exactly tomorrow, Luxury Safes shows you some timepieces from Bvlgari that you’ll be able to see at the watch event this year. The authentic watch brand, Bvlgari, understands exactly what Eve first discovered in the Garden of Eden: You can’t resist a snake’s charms.

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The Italian jewelry house, which was founded in 1884, has used the serpent as its signature since the 1940s. A symbol of healing and rebirth—and of course seduction—the Serpenti collection will have yet another metamorphosis when Bvlgari unveils its latest collection this month at Baselworld 2016. Below you can observe some luxury watches from the women’s collection.


These timepieces draw from two of Bvlgari’s iconic and traditional motifs: the Serpenti and the Tubogas bracelet. And this year, two executions are on offer. The 102493 model is highlighted by its two-tone bracelet—with its play on chrome and gold. While the 102509 model is all about polished steel. (Fun fact: The “Tubogas” name actually references the flexible piping in sports car exhaust manifolds that were once popular during the art deco period.)

Both versions of the Serpenti Tubogas luxury watch feature an exquisite violet lacquered dial with a sunburst guilloche, a steel crown set with cabochon-cut rubellite, and a 33mm steel case set with brilliant-cut pavés. Both authentic watches have quartz movements.

Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas Authentic Watches



Bvlgari’s Lucea line has always been incredibly successful. But because of a robust demand for timepieces that are smaller in diameter, the maison created the Piccola Lucea—in five iterations. Because of its 23mm case, Bvlgari considers its “tribute to light” to be an all-new model, since the process of creating the timepiece involved a complete overhaul and redesign of every component.

The 102503 model features an 18k pink gold case set with 35 brilliant-cut diamonds, a cabochon-cut stone and diamond set on an 18k gold crown, 12 diamond hour markers on a mother of pearl dial, and a gold bracelet adorned with 162 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Bulgari Piccola Lvcea Luxury Watch


Bvlgari is introducing two versions of an exciting new women’s luxury watch this year: the Diva. And it is spectacular, to say the least. The authentic watch is meant to be both technically complex and decorative—and it was designed with Caracalla’s thermal baths in mind, specifically its mosaics.

One iteration of the timepiece features a 30mm brown anthracite acetate dial made from natural cotton and wood fibers—set with diamond hour markers, plus a cabochon-cut tourmaline on the crown. And the other (pictured below) comes with a diamond dial that consists of 233 brilliant-cut pavés. Both timepieces have satin straps and run on a quartz movement.

Get to Know Bvlgari Women's Collection at Baselworld 2016

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