Baselworld 2016 finishes today. Before the big doors are closed, Luxury Safes would like to review the watch trends that came to stay this year. This year definitely felt calmer than previous editions, both in terms of attendance and in watch designs.

The big names in the industry went for the unspectacular but special, presenting collections which felt more focused and in-tune with the current demand for smaller, more affordable luxury watches based on pure design.

Complications and High-Tech

As technology and Nano-technology continues to evolve, watch brands are becoming ever more adept at making more precise components for luxury watches and at finding new and different ways to put components together for incredibly advanced timing. This leads to a host of new developments: tourbillons, skeletonized watches, calendars and multi-timers. With such great thrust forward into new technical aspects, we have also seen a resurgence in the use of new materials and a host of cool high-tech materials emerged, as well as a small foray into some beloved not-much-used watch materials such as bronze.

Tourbillon Skeleton Earth Timepiecebl-limited-edition-750

Sports Diversity

In the past we knew we would see some great pilot watches and dive watches making their debut at Baselworld. This year was no exception. Easily one of the most prevalent watch trends were in the auto-inspired world, where so many watch brands are getting involved in sponsorships of cars, races, drivers and more. Additionally. Let’s face it, cars are a universal thing and simply offering motorsports-inspired designs touches a lot of hearts along the way.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane at Baselworld

Thinning Down

For years we’ve seen watches conquer our wrists, one inch after the next, slowly making their way onto our forearms. But it seems the days of the 42-45 mm watches are coming to an end, as the attraction to smaller timepieces, driven by the popularity of vintage, continues to grow. This week’s most exciting timepieces were definitely those which fit under the cuff. It just feels a lot more satisfying to catch a glimpse of a purely made luxury watch, instead of feeling invaded by it.
Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Gold Timepiece

Women’s Watches

For the past couple of years, the watchtrend toward satisfying the female sect has been high on the radar for most brands. This trend continues, with many luxury brands unveiling stunning new women’s luxury watches that run the gamut from mechanicals to quartz. It is no longer enough, though, to offer a pretty face, women want substance, too, and the brands deliver. Baselworld 2016 took with it more chronographs for women, more calendars and multi-timers and more stunning moonphase indicators than ever before.

Pre Basel Watch Show
Art and Diamonds

Another important watch trend that shined this year was the use of diamonds, gemstones and special materials to create stunning after-eight luxury watches. Luxury watch brands returned to classic brilliant- and baguette-cut diamonds and gems to adorn watches. Additionally, this year at Baselworld we were able to see luxury watch brands turn to unusual substances such as feathers, eggshells, stone, meteorites and mosaic mother-of-pearl to design dials that are artistic masterpieces.



Yes, color is always an important staple at Baselworld. This year we saw some really alluring pinks and neutral tones such as taupe and beige for women. Not only is it part of the Pantone color craze, but also, these hues have been neglected for a few years and so their time is now. They are sexy colors that offer a natural glow to the wrist. Also, Baselworld offered shimmering blues for women and bolder shades for men, as many luxury brands returned to the baby blue skies and azure seas for inspiration. Let’s not forget the other primaries – in the sporty world of watches, red and yellow will be key watch trends.

Exclusive Watch Trends from Baselworld 2016


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