Creating an automobile, timepiece travel experience, or wardrobe tailored specifically to your tastes requires professionals of uncommon skill. It also demands an investment of time on your part. To simplify your search for the personal touch, we’ve assembled a directory of select purveyors who have mastered the art of the custom-made. These masters of watchmaking can create luxury watches that your heart will desire.

The Best Bespoke Luxury Watch Creations

Vacheron Constantin

For the last 3 years, most of Vacheron Constantin’s major horological achievements have come from the Les Cabinotiers bespoke watchmaking service. Led by Dominique Bernaz, the program has grown from three watchmakers and developers to 30 employees working on as many as 50 different projects at any given time, all driven by customers’ desire to have a timepiece unique to them.

Unlike many watch houses, which restrict themselves to the customization of exterior details, Vacheron Constantin empowers its Les Cabinotiers watchmakers to create special movements and complications. The watchmakers do much of the construction by hand, using techniques that were prevalent before mass production became common.

De Bethune

After many years of producing commercial pieces, De Bethune is now focusing primarily on its custom offerings. The move has seemingly opened many creative vistas in meteorite and enamel dials as well as movement combinations that could never be made available to the general public in production quantities.

The Best Bespoke Luxury Watch Creations

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has long offered a customization option for its higher-end tourbillons. The new Tambour Moon Flying Tourbillon Geneva Seal from the brand’s enhanced complicated-watchmaking capability is the current canvas for engraving and other métiers d’art applications.

The Best Bespoke Luxury Watch Creations


Throughout its contemporary history, Blancpain has retained enamelers, artisan engravers, and other métiers d’art services to customize many of its models. This even includes craftsmen who discreetly continue the Swiss tradition of erotic watches.

The Best Bespoke Luxury Watch Creations

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Jaeger Lecoultre

Since its conception in the 1930s, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso has provided a wonderful canvas for personalization. Now, with the Atelier Reverso program, the staff at select boutiques may suggest a number of special options or let you peruse a selection of dials and strap options.

The Best Bespoke Luxury Watch Creations

Geoffrey Roth Watch Engineering

Thanks to his direct control of the production of cases and dials at his Arizona workshop, Geoffrey Roth’s customers can easily order bespoke versions of his models, including those made with the ever-popular Damascus steel.

The Best Bespoke Luxury Watch Creations



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