Created to challenge anything that has been built until now, as one of the biggest homes in US history, this luxury home with a simple $500 million price tag is on its way to becoming the most expensive home in the world. The project, set in Los Angeles upscale Bel Air neighborhood, will reportedly span across almost one hectare, with a 74,000-square-foot main residence and three smaller homes.

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The man behind this expensive home is none other than Nile Niami, resident film producer and speculative residential developer, famous for the litter of ultra-posh mega mansions along the ultra-swanky streets of Bel Air and Holmby Hills, land of the rich and famous.

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The most expensive house, designed by Hollywood architect Paul McClean, is currently underway with a little over a year and a half to completion. Interested buyers can expect an excess of 100,000 square feet of property, with a lavishly spacious 5000-square-foot master bedroom, and a 30-car garage to showcase your collection of supercars and vintage treasures. Guests will be fully entertained in this luxury lifestyle with “almost every amenity available in the world”, and what Niami describes as a “Monaco-style casino”.

Most expensive house, designed by Hollywood architect Paul McClean


With five swimming pools, your very own in-house nightclub complete with the VIP lounge, jellyfish tanks in place of walls and ceilings in one lounge and other excessively lavish zones, the luxury home is certainly something unique.

“To be able to say that the biggest and the most expensive house in the world is here will be really good for L.A.,” he says. “I really think that this house is going to do a lot for L.A. Anybody who lives in the area is going to be proud to be near it.”

Most Expensive House in Los Angeles

Despite having the biggest asking price among the properties of the world, Niami considers half a billion dollars to be a steal for this particular expensive home. At around $5000 per square foot, Niami notes that the luxury home is asking for less per square foot than what some Manhattan penthouses have sold for.

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“We have a very specific client in mind,” says Niami. “Someone who already has a $100 million yacht and has seven houses all over the world, in London and Dubai and wherever.” Luxury safes would dare to say that his expensive home is for someone with unique luxury affairs and a luxury lifestyle.

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