Triton Luxury luxury villa is located on Long Bay Beach, since 2016. The estate’s interior has such detail that you would enjoy every little corner. The exterior speaks for itself. If you are planning to visit Turks and Caicos, take a look at this villa, we promise you it will make your vacantion unforgettable. You are sure to be impressed!

Discover Triton Luxury Villa: A Caribbean-Chic Paradise


Triton is the Greek god known as the “Messenger of the sea”, which special feature is a twisted conch shell he picked up while walking along Long Bay Beach. He blows the shell like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves or wind. According to the legend, Triton still visits his luxury villa on Long Bay Beach.

Located in the southern end of Long Bay’s three-mile beach, the peaceful turquoise ocean on the white sand beach will get you to the front of few Caribbean cottages and luxury villas. There are no hotels or commercial buildings within two miles of the villa. This turns the experience even more special, making you believe you have a private beach for yourself.


Discover Triton Luxury Villa: A Caribbean-Chic Paradise


Triton is designed to capture what has been lost on most high-end Caribbean beach destinations; a sense of peace and calm with all the luxuries one would expect at Turks and Caicos most exquisite properties. This Caribbean-chic uncrowded paradise is amongst the safest of the Caribbean islands and offers exceptional restaurants, world-class conditions for kiteboarding, amazing diving, golf courses and a large variety of other incredibly fun activities.

It has7  beds, 7 baths, open kitchen, outdoor cinema, fire pit, fitness room, hot tub and plenty of storage make this your ideal beach house.  A safe and secure investment on what many consider the World’s Best Island.


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Lushly landscaped with tropical palms and foliage you immediately feel like you have escaped to some hidden part of the World that only you have discovered. Staying at this villa is an experience, not just a place to lay in the Sun, and this is reinforced as you walk up to the palatial pool that greets you as you walk to the front door.

Technology is a big feature of the home as everything you can conceive is controlled with an app via two floating iPads. Wi-Fi is available all the way to the water, perfect for every member of a huge family. Every room has a sub-woofer and you can access music all the way to the beach.


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