Many celebrities dabble in business ventures outside the realm of their main careers, some of which become more successful and profitable than their original professions. Meet the 5 celebs that make millions off of real-estate. The Olsen twins fashion lines and clothing stores have boosted their net worth to over $300 million, and Paris Hilton has made around $1.5 billion on the 17 fragrances she’s introduced over the past 8 years. Other celebs have brought in extra cash with liquor, wine and clothing ventures. And finally we have those who chose real-estate! It’s an exciting game but you have to be wealthy enough to withstand the losses.

1. Jennifer Aniston

She’s one of the most successful real estate flipping stars in Hollywood. Her first big score was in 2011 when Architectural Digest featured a Midcentury Beverly Hills mansion she bought in 2006 for $13.5 million that designer/architect Stephen Shadley renovated for her, after which she listed or $42 million. Pimco billionaire Bill Gross paid only $35 million but Aniston’s profit, even after upgrade costs, was stunning. Her latest purchase of a Bel Air estate set her back almost $21 million but she’s asking $40 million for the renovated version. Even if she has to negotiate a bit, her earnings will be substantial. 5-Celebs-That-Make-Millions-Off-Of-Real-Estate-Jennifer-Aniston

2. Jeremy Renner

A home in the Hollywood hills remodeled with the help of actor Jeremy Renner recently sold for a whopping $24million. Renner has been flipping houses ever since he got his first big role in S.W.A.T. alongside Colin Ferrel. He and acting buddy Kristoffer Winters pulled together and invested in a house in Nichols Canyon because Renner hated paying rent. Real Estate jeremy renne

3. Meryl Streep

Streep‘s biggest claim to fame is her 18 Academy Award nominations, albeit reaping only three wins for the astoundingly talented actress. Having owned 1954 Research House for just over a year, Meryl Streep and husband Don Gummer are now selling it for a hefty markup. She picked up the Hollywood Hills house last February for $4.5 million (it had been asking nearly $6 million); it was originally designed by architects Honnold & Rex for Architectural Products magazine, but had recently gotten a major remodel from designer Xorin Balbes.  Real Estate Meryl Streep

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the first movie stars to delve into the real estate market shortly after his starring role in Titanic,DiCaprio‘s holdings are so vast they now qualify as an empire. Leonardo DiCaprio continues his real estate buying spree. Weeks after buying Dinah Shore’s Palm Springs estate for $5.2 million, the Wolf of Wall Street star has added to his real-estate holdings in New York City. The actor has picked up an adjacent unit to his current apartment at 2 River Terrace in Battery ParkReal Estate Leonardo DiCaprio

5. Ellen DeGeneres

The queen of daytime TV can now call herself the queen of L.A. real estate. Ellen DeGeneres and her Mrs., the gorgeous Portia de Rossi, just plunked down close to $40 million in hard-earned cash on a legndary Los Angeles estate that comes with its very own name. DeGeneres has flipped over a half dozen properties. Her latest and most profitable sale was this past June. DeGeneres bought the famous Brody House in January 2014 for just under $40 million and sold it for $55 million to Napster founder Sean Parker.  Real Estate ellen brody

Source: therichest