Dear readers, are you interested in keep the things you love always with you? If that is a yes, Find Out The New Stockinger Luxury Safe. The Stockinger being one of the best high end safe luxury brands, are going to show you some of their safes.

The Cube Luxury Safe is perfect for private residences, holiday homes or yachts: The Cube compact safe has the complete security equipment of our “large” Stockinger safes including the Stocktronic locking system and can completely be individualized just like its bigger brothers, with up to 3 precision watch winders for your Haute Horlogerie.

Find Out The New Stockinger Luxury Safe 


The Sirius private safe is an exclusive bespoke safe model is an elegant solution to keep your collections of precious watches, finest jewelry, pieces of art, documents, etc. safe. The Sirius luxury safe harmonically integrates into any customized private residence, executive office, yacht or luxury suite. As secure as a bank, yet far more beautiful.




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The Hyas safe design was specifically developed for the needs of serios watch collectors, the Hyas safe offers a lot of space for the secure and representative storing of your collection including 18 to 54 watch winders. The double-winged door is multi-walled therein and locked with a specific security system at all 8 sides.


The Chimera luxury safe is the epitome of a private safe – impressive and representative. With up to 40 precision watch winders and/or several drawers, it offers generous space for precious watches, jewelry as well as documents, cash and other valuables.


Which Stockinger  masterpieces would you choose?

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