Luxury safes are essential pieces for those who wish to store their belongings in the safest way. In a bedroom, office, or living room, there are different types of safes for all interior divisions. We gathered 15 luxury safes that will look great in any millionaire home, and would bring a celebrity home style!


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Narcissus by Döttling

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

 Created by the icon Karl Lagerfeld, Narcissus is six feet high just under a foot deep. The luxury safe has stainless steel walls covered in high-gloss chrome-plated aluminum.

Millionaire by Boca do Lobo

Inspired by the California Gold Rush, Millionaire sparks both interest and imagination reminding the vault robbery attempts in the old west. This safe obeys the will of its master through a secret dial lock combination. This piece is the perfect feature for an opulent entryway.

Magia by Agresti

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

Standing out for the versatility, Magia adapts perfectly to any furniture and space. This luxury safe has an elegant design enriched by handles that combined create a play of rhomboidal shape in your luxury living room.


Grand Circle by Döttling

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

Featuring fifty-two individually controllable watch winders, Grand Circle has a base that also accommodates the world’s smallest hi-fi subwoofer. This safe is the perfect piece for a luxury living room or an opulent bedroom.

Galaxy by Buben & Zorweg

Straightforward in design with timeless elements, Galaxy is perfect in the craftsmanship of the finest materials. This luxury safe features exclusive woods with perfect grain, finest lacquers, and powerful stainless steel accents that can upscale any living room.

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Bohème by Boca do Lobo

Embodying the spirit of true adventurers who choose to live an unconventional lifestyle, Bohème is a statement piece that traveled around the world. This safe has an interior that can be fully customized to better fit your needs and is suitable for an office or living area.

Bel Air by Döttling

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

A handcrafted high-security piece, Bel Air was designed for the high-end class. This luxury safe is perfect to decorate your living room and represents a luxurious symbiosis of absolute technical perfection and a consistent, timeless, elegant design. 

Diamond by Boca do Lobo

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

Reinterpreting the quintessential diamond shape throughout contemporary design, Diamond is a beautiful outcome of architectural thinking. This safe has a touch-sensitive illuminated keypad, and a gold plated liquor pull-out tray, that for sure will transform the environment in your office.

Aston Martin Object Of Time One-77 by Buben & Zorweg

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

Perfect for you to store your valuables in and have no fear of losing them in any way, Object of time one-77 has a beautifully designed storage facility that also blends in your room and draws minds away. This luxury safe is inspired by one of the most beautiful and sought-after sports luxury cars there is: the Aston Martin.

Gallery by Döttling

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

Reflecting the timelessly elegant appearance of overseas travel cases, Gallery is a safe with a bulletproof glass window that can be switched from transparent to opaque by remote control. Your living room will never look as perfect.

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Cabinets GIF Boca do Lobo

Millionaire Silver Jewelry Safe by Boca do Lobo

A small and portable version of the Millionaire Safe, the Millionaire Jewelry Safe is a statement piece, designed to cause an impression. The overlay door makes room for an open space lined in velvet to keep the most treasurable items, making it perfect to store valuable accessories, business items, or other luxury lifestyle assets.

Collector Rooms by Döttling

Perfect for enjoying all your prized possessions while keeping them protected, Collector Rooms it’s a room where you can secure and store your luxury collectibles.

Illusion by Buben & Zorweg

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

For those things you like to have close at hand in an uncomplicated way in an office, Illusion represents the side effects of a luxurious lifestyle. This luxury safe is created from the finest materials, progressive in design, backed up by the latest technology.

Sirius by Stockinger

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

Sirius harmonically integrates into any customized private living room, executive office, yacht, or luxury suite. This safe is as secure as a bank, yet far more beautiful.

Gatsby by Döttling

Luxury Safes For A Millionaire Home

Inspired by The Great Gatsby, as supposed by its name, Gatsby has the perfect compact size that can be customized are nearly limitless ways. This luxury safe was crafted in accordance with the highest security standards and is able to upscale an opulent office or living area.


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