Fortress Maximus by Dottling is a truly fantastic concept and that happens because there are two luxury safes in one. The upper section with its strong round doors is reminiscent of the legendary vaults found in American banks during the Prohibition era. The lower section is a high-tech, high-security safe with an incredibly versatile interior. Both are housed harmoniously in one body to produce a unique masterpiece.

Fortress Maximus – The Best of Luxury Safes by Dottling

At first sight, just the upper part catches the eye, with the 15 precision watch winders or the optionally available and particularly innovative Döttling Touch & Move precision watch winders.

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The lower part of The Fortress provides maximum security with the certified security class VdS/EN 3. If required, even VdS/EN 5 is possible.

Fortress Maximus – The Best of Luxury Safes by Dottling

With a complex combination this safe provides safety and beauty, a combo that is unimaginable for many, now it is a dream come true.

Fortress Maximus – The Best of Luxury Safes by Dottling

With two main colours available this safe is more a piece of art rather than a simple safe, it can envolve so more than that.


The development of this masterpiece by Dottling is amazing. A great work by this German brand that takes the safe design and creation to another level of finesse and luxury. Luxury is the right word that classifies this amazing piece of art and security.


Incredible what the modern world can create and produce, something so powerful as this item is. Is something so fresh and at the same time so creative that it is shocking the world on a good way, of course, millions of people are wondering, what is the feeling of behind in the presence of such a piece.

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