During Milan Design Week 2019, the French luxury brand Au Dèpart debut to the market, bringing all the luxury design. The fashion house is specialized in luxury suitcases and after twenty years of absence, it returns to improve and emphasize their clients’ luxury lifestyle.


Fashion House Au Départ Brings All The Luxury Design To The Market


The fashion house Au Départ was created in 1834 and was born at Paris. Originated in the era of legendary travelers, to whom new horizons opened up thanks to the construction and building of railways. For relaxed trips in a passenger car, large travel chests were no longer suitable, it was time for the baggage and a safe with a contemporary design that was best made in France.



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The first fashion house Au Départ store opened in Paris, across the street from Gare du Nord, in 1847: a shop trading under Au Départ selling luggage and travel goods shop opened at 7 boulevard Denain in Paris, opposite the Gare du Nord, a railway station inaugurated the year before on 14 June 1846.

In the mid-1870s a second appeared, on Avenue de l’Opéra. The high-end brand and fashion house reached its peak during the Art Deco era when transatlantic journeys on giant liners came into vogue, and Au Départ suitcases with a unique design became associated with luxury.



In 1976, the fashion house postponed its labor but continued to be considered as one of the four great manufacturers of elegant baggage and luxury safes along with Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat. The installation, which opened in the framework of Milan Design Week, an important design event, was the first step towards its marvelous and glorious return. The next step was the opening of the Au Départ boutique in Paris.


The installation in this design event was created for Au Départ by the Dimorestudio duet and it consisted of three levels. On the bottom, visitors are received by a wall of old chests, safes, and suitcases, on the next they are met by five video stations, and finally, on the third, they see the main part of the project: five chests standing on five pedestals and filled with lights we bring from distant travel.




The fashion house Au Départ, despite being now undeveloped, is still considered and recognized as one of four greatest French trunk-makers and luxury brands alongside Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat.


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