The “Continental” is an elegant jewelry safe, an attractive, secure environment for beautiful items – liberating them from wall safes and bank vaults made by Stockinger. The finish on the drawers and on the safe door is identical to the Bentley dashboard texture, known as engine turning and is traditionally found in the racing cockpit interior of one of Bentley’s earliest cars, the Bentley Blower. Whether it be large or small rings, brooches, earrings, wide or narrow necklaces, chokers, cufflinks or bangles, you will be able to present your jewelry at home in the style you are accustomed to.

Discover Bentley Wall Safe by Stockinger

Many people keep their valuables in a safe. But only a few can say they keep their valuables in a Bentley! The exclusive German safe manufacturer Stockinger the first name in luxury safes — has teamed up with Bentley Motors Ltd. to produce two limited edition lockboxes, each the definition of style, security, and extravagant waste.


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The Continental and Arnage safes are designed in the same way as all Stockinger safes and designed to be impenetrable and feature numerous security mechanisms such as built-in alarms and GPS trackers. To make it clear that your safety is a luxury vault, the handle features the landmark Bentley right in the center! The Continental is designed for jewelry, while watch collectors will want the Arnage which comes equipped with state-of-the-art watch winders, whose noiseless movement is guaranteed to be maintenance free for life.

Each and every bespoke safe is carefully constructed in an 18-stage process which takes several weeks to complete. The safes are available in all standard Bentley exterior colors and you can choose from one of ten interior leather hides and three wood veneer panels.

Lead Time

11 weeks

Finish Shown:

Body and door:  White sand lacquer.
Interior and fittings: finished in Stockinger silver, Dark burr walnut, Dark tint engine-turn aluminum.
Internal light system: White


H 119. W 56. D 51 cm


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