A fine cigar is one of life’s most distinct pleasures. Expert care and storage are an absolute necessity – which is why the serious aficionado takes pride in owning a Davidoff Cigar Humidor. Designed by Davidoff, these humidors are distinct from all other options. The unique humidification system provides a constant relative humidity of approximately 70% and is capable of automatically correcting humidity fluctuations. The system releases humidity only when the relative humidity sinks below the ideal value. If the value rises due to outside influences, the regulator automatically absorbs the excess humidity.



7 Cigar Humidors by Davidoff That You Need to Know

This exceptional marquetry blending 25 different materials and for the first time, tobacco leaf has been inspired by the Damajagua region and its abundant forest. The Terroir of Davidoff located in the North-West of the Dominican Republic. This oasis is the source of a tobacco with a pure character, protected by a symbolic benevolent vermilion bird, tobacco leaves flourish to give the perfect grounds to the perfect cigars.

The good spirits of nature protection and caring for Davidoff’s true richness, its terroir. Each Masterpiece humidor Damajagua is accompanied by 50 gorgeous Davidoff Damajagua Toro cigars, exclusively blended by Davidoff’s Master Blender.

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The Dome humidor illustrates the verve and style of Davidoff. The sculptured dome requires hours of painstaking craftsmanship. The technical perfection of its curvature is a grand artistic innovation worthy of the finest cigars.



The design depicts the Union Jack flag on blue birch wood. The Winston Churchill icon is made in a darker shade of tulip wood. This humidor is a tribute to Sir Winston Churchill, the great British statesman, and his strong character. “London” is inspired by the capital of the United Kingdom, embodied in the Winston Churchill icon on a beige tulip wood humidor.

With a capacity of 70 to 90 cigars, the Ambassador is created for cigar aficionados with a large assortment. The interior contains a tray, a removable basket, and dividers that allow the cigars to be arranged.


In mythology, the giant – or Géant – embodies the unbridled forces of nature with strength and grace. Our Géant humidor combines perfection in both design and craftsmanship.

These four models are coated with up to 20 layers of French polish and then painstakingly hand-rubbed and polished to a high gloss.

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With a storage capacity of 70 to 80 cigars, the Ambassador comes with a removable basket to adapt to every aficionado’s needs.

Meant for those with a larger assortment of cigars, this humidor has a tray and dividers for the ideal format for sorting and arranging a true collection.


French artist Daniel Clément mixes glass and mirrors using his exclusive technique to create glass marquetry (“marqueterie de verre”). Each of the ten masterfully crafted humidors are handmade.

Each of the tiniest pieces are meticulously cut and assembled by hand. That is why each motif is unique and cannot be replicated.


The tobacco leaves, the very essence of cigars, inspired this new line of Zino humidors. Rejuvenated with bright and dynamic colors, they reveal their grain, their veins, and structure. The Zino Graphic Leaf humidor collection celebrates the tobacco leaf and invites itself in the most contemporary environment. For aficionados who care for their cigars and their style.

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