Incorporating a retro-futuristic look, underlined by its fusion of high quality leather, exotic woods and high-gloss metallic paint developed by Buben and Zorweg, the new Galaxy safe collection models are available in different colors. Let’s take a look!

buben and zorweg new collection


Buben and Zorweg new collection

With luxurious finishing and made of noble materials, the new Buben and Zorweg Galaxy safe collection embraces distinct designs that will appeal everyone. The shaped chrome-plated, stainless steel metal handling on the doors are especially appealing.

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Buben and Zorweg luxury collection

Buben and Zorweg luxury collection

Luxury Buben & Zorweg collection

The collection is constituted of 4 models (sizes): the Galaxy Tabletop, the Galaxy, the Galaxy XL and the Galaxy XXL. Some customizations are available, such as an integrated HiFi system, an alarm system that can safe independently the safe or be connected to the global house alarm system. You can also choose the different drawers, time movers or gun safes that are inside the Galaxy.

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Luxury Buben & Zorweg collection

The Galaxy Safe Collection pieces are more than just a luxury safe, It is a true object of design, capable of catering to each collector’s passions in one single model.

Buben & Zörweg Galaxy Safe Collection6


The production is located in Germany to ensure an absolute quality. They are on sale right now, so don’t waste more time and buy the model that correspond to your needs and will.

How do you feel about this luxurious new collection of Buben and Zorweg?

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