Miami’s life is a synonym of luxury, relaxation, sophistication, and class. As one of the most expensive and unique cities in the plant, Miami is a city that captures the dazzling glamor, vibrant attractions and the best of fine cuisine: Miami’s culinary reputation has experienced a welcome renaissance in the last two decades and at the moment, the city features acclaimed luxury restaurants. As symbols of luxury lifestyle, discover the top restaurants in Miami where you can live a unique experience.



Fine Cuisine At Its Best - The Top Restaurants In Miami

Situated in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Azul is regarded as one of the top restaurants in Miami. With a collection of more than seven hundred sparkling wines from around the world, this luxury restaurant delivers a menu serving a blend of Mediterranean and Asian dishes. Furthermore, this modern restaurant is the perfect place in the city to live a unique experience featuring the views of the bay as a background.



Fine Cuisine At Its Best - The Top Restaurants In Miami

Featuring a contemporary interior design, Casa Tua is a modern restaurant in Miami with a casual and sophisticated atmosphere. Comprising several dining rooms, the kitchen works with high attention to detail: prosciutto comes only from free-range pigs, and they have a list of olive oils that are coordinated to specific fine cuisine dishes for the perfect complement. As one of the top restaurants in Miami, inside of this space, you can feel like you’re eating at a friend’s home.



Fine Cuisine At Its Best - The Top Restaurants In Miami

Following in the tradition of great New York modern restaurants opening locations in Miami, Il Gabbiano is one of the best restaurants in the region. Presenting stunning views and a striking dining room, the fine cuisine’s menu features fresh Italian food, prepared and presented in creative ways. As one of the top restaurants in Miami, Il Gabbiano is one of the perfect places in the city to enjoy and to live your luxury lifestyle!


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Located in the Shore Club, Nobu is one of the hottest nightspots and one of the top restaurants in Miami that offers an exquisite dining experience from start to finish with special dishes and tasting menus.



Inside the marvelous Biltmore Hotel, the Palme d’Or is a luxury restaurant that brings a taste of French fine cuisine and offers intricate and exotic dishes. One curiosity: their wine list is amazingly remarkable!



Located in a restored townhouse, Prime 112 is one of the top restaurants in Miami that offers an extensive and sophisticated cuisine and menu in its raw seafood offering with oysters from East and West Coasts. Offering also a marvelous selection of caviars, this luxury restaurant offers an enormous wine collection.



Recognized as one of the top restaurants in Miami, Scarpetta brings traditional Italian dishes to the city. With a funny contemporary interior design, this modern restaurant received several prestigious awards.



The Bazaar is one of the top restaurants in Miami, located in South Beach’s SLS Hotel. Indoor and outdoor seating, contemporary Latin-inspired fine cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere make this luxury restaurant a delicious place to relax and enjoy a meal.


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