As you know, the world of top restaurants is like fashion universe: it is constantly changing with the times, with trends rising and falling over the years that modify what we eat, drink and even how we eat or drink it. If you are looking to improve and elevate your luxury lifestyle, we want to show you which are some of the finest restaurants all over the world.

Discover the 5 best restaurants in the world with fine cuisine made by the most important top chefs and explore stunning and luxury restaurants with a modern interior design where you can live a unique experience. Bon appétit!


Guy Savoy

Get Amazed by These 5 World’s Finest Restaurants


Get Amazed by These 5 World’s Finest Restaurants


Get Amazed by These 5 World’s Finest Restaurants

Winner of multiple Michelin stars for excellence in cuisine service, French top chef, Guy Savoy is the owner of a cluster of luxury restaurants in Paris, such as the Restaurant Guy Savoy. Located at the Monnaie de Paris, on the Left Bank of the adored Seine river, and recognized as one of the finest restaurants, it is considered to be one of the greatest restaurants of our time, an actual distinction which was awarded by Lebey Guide. The menu provides a wide variety of scrumptious meals and fine French cuisine and the interiors of this top restaurant exude elegance and sophistication.




Exuding a glamorous space with a contemporary furniture pieces, the Divellec has become one of the most refined and  finest restaurants in the world that offers the most exquisite dishes, in the line of delicious scallops with ceviche or caviar, monkfish with ricotta cheese raviolis, a beautiful dish of lobster accompanied by candied potatoes and smoked wild fennel, among many other luscious and traditionally French recipes.


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La Reserve and Pagode de Cos


One of the most exquisite features of the Hotel is the magnificent restaurant dubbed as La Pagode de Cos in honor of Cos d’Estournel. Considered as one of the finest restaurants in the planet, in this space guests can count with illustrious and scrumptious dishes, such as Gilthead seabream avocado, radish and Siamese sauce tartare, delicious scallops, lemongrass infused soup, Pineapple caramelized with Paï Mu Tan tea, and countless other possibilities.


Plaza Athénéé


Located at Plaza Athénée in Avenue Montaigne, as one of the finest restaurants in the globe, with a marvelous décor and a modern interior design, this space presents solid oak tables with leathering seats, silky cushions and splendorous crystal chandeliers that exude glamour and serenity.




In one of the highest buildings in London with mesmerizing 360-degree views of the City, you can find Sushisamba, one of the acclaimed finest restaurants in the world. Here you’ll find a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine with a huge variety of food.


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