Sparkling beaches, nonstop nightlife, a creative and original culture, a remarkable architectural heritage: welcome to Tel Aviv, the Middle East’s coolest city, where you can live a unique experience and feel the light-hearted vibes surrounded by a huge luxury explosion.

In Hebrew, Tel Aviv means “The Hill of Spring”: at this Israeli city you can feel a continuous regeneration: flowers bloom, new modern restaurants open and there’s always a party somewhere. The perfect city for a luxury lifestyle and for a luxury experience. What are you waiting for? Today, we present you the Luxury Safes Guide to Tel Aviv. Here you can find everything you need to know.


A Luxury and Unique Experience: Let Us Show You Tel Aviv!


A Luxury and Unique Experience: Let Us Show You Tel Aviv!




Cafeteria is the trendy restaurant in Tel Aviv that plays with colors like no one else. The Interior Design from Meir Guri is perfect for the Instagram feed with tasty foods and lots of decor references.


Alena Restaurant

Amongst the finest and modern restaurants in the Israeli city, Alena Restaurant offers an understated fine cuisine and a stunning menu that marries European-inspired favorites with a Mediterranean flourish in a high-end dining ambiance.



The Normal Hotel Tel Aviv


Previously a 1920s mansion, The Normal Hotel Tel Aviv is now one of the city’s most stylish and unique luxury hotels, composed of two history-rich buildings that blend art deco design with a touch of contemporary chic. The perfect place for a design-lover!


The Setai Tel Aviv




Set in historic Jaffa along the Mediterranean Sea overlooking the city’s stunning port, The Setai Tel Aviv combines the beauty of its ancient surroundings with a Middle Eastern elegance. Spanning five buildings, the modern hotel offers 120 rooms, all of which preserve the natural beauty and charm that Jaffa is known for without sacrificing any contemporary comforts. The perfect luxury hotel for this unique travel!


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    Tel Aviv Museum

    Tel Aviv Museum is the home of an impressive collection of local and international modern art and it is located in a beautiful large plaza full of sculptures.


    Jaffa’s Old City and Port

    Jaffa is one of the oldest port cities in the world. This place is a sea of stories. Here also you can find a lot of fashion stores and unique cafes. Advice: taste some fresh fish! You will get amazed!


    Gal Gaon Gallery


    Gaon’s Gallery is part of a new wave of concept stores that are leading Tel Aviv’s shoppers out of the mall. Inside this contemporary art gallery, you can find a collection of commissioned furniture, lighting, and decor by Israeli artists, including Gaon himself.


    Bauhaus Center

    Tel Aviv’s “White City” is a breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site. That’s why you can find here a unique collection of Bauhaus architecture. The Bauhaus is the city’s center for exploring, learning and experiencing this marvelous piece of culture.


    Habima Square

    Tel Aviv’s Habima Square is home to its philharmonic orchestra, the HaBima national theatre, and is for sure one of the most beautiful squares in the city.


    Sarona Market


    In Tel Aviv, that lively exchange of goods is alive and well at the recently renovated Sarona Complex, a large park surrounding a restored German Templar Colony originally built in 1871.


    Rabin Square

    Rabin Square is Israel’s most famous plaza and also a key point in Tel Aviv. This square is really beautiful and there are free lawn chairs near its fountain.


    The Beach Promenade


    Recently modernized, the promenade runs along Tel Aviv’s coastline. It offers easy access to the beach and the best place to take in the sunset.


    Capital of modernity, Tel Aviv invites you to discover many cultural and historic attractions, whose splendors are in perfect harmony with its majestic beaches.


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