This Oitoemponto’s Hotel Interior Design in Porto is located in the historic building “Almeida e Cunha”, known as “Pension Monumental”: the Monumental Palace Hotel occupies a strategic position in the center of Porto – the famous Avenida dos Aliados in front of the town hall. Luxury Safes presents to you one of the most luxurious hotels in Portugal!


An Icon Of Glory Designed By Oitoemponto: The Monumental Palace Hotel

“The neoclassical style of the building as its anchor in the history of the city of Porto make this project «monumental» because it requires to reinterpret the glorious past of Porto in contemporary writing, as well as in volumes, style, and the uses.” 

Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, the founders of Oitoemponto


The building built in 1923 by the Italian architect Michelangelo Soà has been rehabilitated to become the most luxurious palace of the city of Porto. The concept of the Hotel Monumental Porto is to make it the hotel of the great travelers since the ’20s: a marvelous and imposing place which evokes the glorious Porto of the ’30s until our days, a romanticized interpretation of a place which sheltered to its inauguration a large café with an orchestra in residence, some of whose decorations were updated during the renovation and which would have continued to be the luxury hotel of the economic capital of Portugal.


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Being the facade neoclassical, the Oitoemponto duo chose to make a hotel that respects its history and style. This is a contemporary hotel interior design project that allows integrating these same neo 30 settings all the luxury of modernity. A myriad of great interior design ideas.


Inside this luxury hotel, there are a total of 63 modern bedrooms and 13 luxury suites in several colorful themes. The more you are on the ground floor the more the tone is clear since they are less luminous areas. The higher you go, the more colors take on denser and more flamboyant tones. A unique design project by one of the most recognized design studios in the world!


The luxury of the details and ornaments that run through each space helps to bring this reinvention to life. During the design process, Oitoemponto wanted to contribute to restore Porto’s hospitality and give back all its letters of nobility to this historical building and to make the city of Porto shine.


Fitting perfectly with a luxury lifestyle, this was an Oitoemponto‘s successful work of re-enchantment with the panache and ease that characterize them.


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    Source: Inspiration and Ideas & Oitoemponto

    Photos: Courtesy – Oitoemponto