Chanel introduces 15 rare, luxury fragrances. All are in identical bottles, and are firstly sold at Barcelona airport. Indeed Chanel partnered with World Duty Free Group to sell its fragrances at the Duty Free Shop of the Spanish airport.

Chanel presents luxury fragrances

It is in a dedicated 31square meter space that travellers will be able to discover the range of 15 bottles as well as the 7 Extraits concentrations. The collection is named “Les Exclusifs de Chanel”.

Chanel presents luxury fragrances2

Chanel presents luxury fragrances1

The collection is composed by both new and existing creations. There are exclusive fragrances created by Ernest Beaux (N°22, Gardenia, Bois des Iles, Sycomore, Cuir de Russie) and reinterpreted by Jacques Polge (Eau de Cologne, Bel Respiro, 28 La Pausa, 31 rue Cambon, N°18, Coromandel, Beige, Jersey and 1932). There is also one fragrance that was added to the collection by the new Creator of Chanel Fragrances: Olivier Polge, and the fragrance is named Misia.

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Chanel presents luxury fragrances6

Why Misia? Because Misia Sert was one of the dearest friends of Mademoiselle Chanel and a muse for few artists. This fragrance is the first of Olivier Polge for Chanel, he describes it as a mix of violet, grasse rose, iris, tonka bean and Laotian benzoin.

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For the moment, you can only discover Misia and the 14 other scents of Les Exclusifs de Chanel in the pop-up space at the entrance of Barcelona Airport. Hopefully, the fragrances will be such a success that Chanel will sell it in all their stores.