2018 was great when we talk about fantastic cars, however, 2019 will be even better. This new year brings a slew of exciting and new supercars that will be emerging in the coming months. During this year, you can improve your luxury lifestyle driving some modern cars with a unique design made and built by luxury brands that everybody recognizes and admires.

A handsome luxury car by Porsche, a stunning exclusive design car by Bentley, a fantastic sports car by Polestar, a new model bombastic model by Mercedes and also a new marvelous vehicle by Volvo. Do you want to meet these five modern cars that you can’t wait to drive this year? Discover them in this article and get impressed by each model that Luxury Safes present to you.


Porsche Taycan

5 Supercars You Can’t Wait to Drive in 2019


The Porsche Taycan takes the form of a four-door saloon, although its styling will incorporate coupe unique design cues such as a low roofline that gradually slopes downwards at the rear.



Porsche 911


Powered by a 3.0-liter twin scrolling flat-6 Porsche 911 may be one of the last combustion-only powertrains, and there’s already a void in the transmission housing, likely awaiting an electric motor to create a hybrid version for the 992.2.


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Bentley Continental GT Convertible


The new Bentley Continental GT hardtop refreshes the debuted last year model and will not disappoint. Furthermore, this model ensures a quiet ride, even with the cabin fully exposed to the elements. Inside this luxury car, you can’t wait to experience the 3.6 zero-to-60 tears with just a hint of wind pinning your hair back.


Mercedes-AMG GT 63 and 63S


Reinforcing the high-quality finish of the interior, this model will fit perfectly with your luxury lifestyle and also offers even more exclusivity and distinctive appeal. The interior of this modern car is made even more sportily exclusive by AMG Performance seats in Exclusive nappe leather in magma grey or black with yellow contrasting topstitching.


Polestar 1


Simple, elegant, and outstanding, this 592 hp hybrid luxury car features two electric motors driving the rear wheels combined with a Volvo Drive-E 2.0-liter, 4-cyl combustion engine, pushing the front.


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