The Convention took place in Lake Como in Italy, an incredible event that gathered hundreds of classic cars showing the majestic masterpieces with all ages. Strong cars from ancient times, things that you can not see every day because each “masterpiece” is unique.

Come and see the incredible machines of Italy!

Unique view of the Convention

Beautiful in every way

Beautiful in every way

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Looking down to earth.

Bespoke cars in every way possible.

Old but gold.

A view over the fantastic Lake Como.

Everybody is welcome to this majestic event.


Do you remember this model?


Competitive cars are also available


No wors for this incredible view


Keep distance from the “monster”


Fantastic photo


Unique view over the mountains


It needed to have fireworks



More than cars, a lifestyle

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What did you think? Did you remember all the models? This was a incredible flashback over what had been the machines in some past time.