The Shelby GT500 its a iconic car for all americans, its consider one of the best muscle cars in our history and every year Ford rebuild’s it to the world, here you will be albel to what’s the differences between two models, the 67 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and que 2017 model.


67 lateral view

67 lateral view

2017 lateral view

The Lateral view of this two Shelby GT500 don’t look nothing like they are the same model, what is normal since they are 50 years appart, in the 67 we can big changes in the caracteristics of the car, the air intakes behind the window and the door that in the 2017 model don’t exist anymore and had been taken place by a decrease in height of the car and of the distance between the chassis and the ground giving it more aerodinamic than the side air intakes.


67 back view





2017 back view

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In the back view we can see that the backlights in the classic 67 are extended in almost all the lenght of the car, nowadays for a aesthetics, and securaty purpose they are in the laterals , other carateristic that we can clearly see is that the  exhaust pipes change from the sides to the center this time only for a aesthetics porpuse.

67 front view

2017 front view

There’s no more iconic parte of a mustang than the front, the tipical agressive front with the two lines its one of the tipical images of the mustang brand, even so, there are clearly changes in the model, one of them is the abandonment of the circular frontlights to a more rectangular and agressive lights, other change is the bigger grid that is between the frontlines and under them, to help refrigerate the motor.

Shelby GT500:The 60’s Mustang

67 interior view

2017 interior view

When we look at the interior we see that it is where the tecnology had more impact in the car buisness, and in the Shelby model we can see it to, from the “tablier” that now is way more round to the control panel where we can see that now the Shelby GT500 is equipated with the latest tecnology equipmente. One thing that will be hard for the makers of it to change will be the metal pedal’s that after 50 years still almost the same


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