The new Bentley is claimed to be the world’s first of many to come luxury hybrid cars and it is just amazing. Bentayga is a high end car that is perfect to fit all your needs and your luxury lifestyle. The Bentayga Hybrid will be the company’s most efficient model with CO2 emissions of 75g/km.

Luxury Cars: World’s First Luxury Hybrid by Bentley

The Hybrid is the newest addition to the existing range of Bentayga models and features all the flexibility associated with the W12, V8 Diesel, and V8 variants, offering the same permanent four-wheel drive system and four on-road modes-Sport, Bentley, Comfort, and Custom. It is more than just ostentation and expensive cars, it is about luxury and sophistication and enjoying the best things in life. The Automatic Start-Stop switch is replaced with a control for the three E Modes – EV Drive, Hybrid Mode, and Hold Mode. These will enable the driver to manage battery usage during a journey.


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The statement piece showcases the exquisite attention to detail you would expect from both Bentley and Starck, using sustainable and elegant materials to complete the exclusive design. Utilising pressed eco-linen with bio-sourced thermosetting resin, the domed frontage is fashioned using a hot-pressure aluminum casting.

Exclusive brand Bentley has collaborated with renowned designer, Philippe Starck, to create a concept for a stylish recharging unit for Bentayga Hybrid customers – the Power Dock. The elegant Power Dock is designed to keep charging cables neat and safe at home, providing a luxurious touch to the act of hybrid recharging and acting as a functional piece of art that will enhance any home.

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Source: Luxuria Lifestyle