Ferrari one of the most known brand of the world, a symbol of freedom, power and of course luxury. A car that not everyone can have, just a small amount of people have the privilege of having a Ferrari in their lives. Something so fantastic so exclusive that whoever has it can consider themselves a lucky person. Do you usually pay attention to the luxury brands? You can’t miss this one next year because this one took place in April.

Let’s see what Ferrari has prepared for us!

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The impressive brand that day after day conquers the world, this festival was the proof of it, the hundreds and hundreds of persons who came just to see this festival full of Ferrari bespoke designs and get near to the majestic machines.

New Designs, old designs, the Ferrari Family has been reunited once again, this time in Indonesia, Jakarta, in one of the most impressive demonstrations of power and luxury design.

Incredible the way that this brand has spread around the world.

The festival was full of surprises and a lot of demonstrations of what is the real power of the Ferrari family something to never forget, they saw things so amazing that will be printed forever.


Did you want to go to this festival, stay tuned because every year the Ferrari family does this festival so you can appreciate a different kind of life, some of you may actually bring your own.

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