The intersection between cars, mobility, and automotive technologies has been growing in the speed of the light, especially with advanced driver assistance technologies, in-car digital assistants, and artificial intelligence.

This year at CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, were presented major unveilings of concepts, technology, new vehicles, and some really out-there stuff from a broad range of automakers. So we are going to show you the coolest automotive luxury cars and automotive-adjacent gadgets and gizmos.

BMW i3 Urban Suite

Get Amazed By These Automotive Technologies

BMW showed a new version of its sporty, battery-powered runabout, the i3, designed specifically for the ride-hailing or chauffeur-driven market. The car uses medium-blue fabrics, nicely grained woods without a hint of high-gloss varnish, a drop-down infotainment screen, and a sliding ottoman for the passenger’s legs. It works because there is no right front seat (gone) or left rear seat (replaced by a wood shelf with a mushroom lamp on top).

Audi AI:ME

Get Amazed By These Automotive Technologies

Get Amazed By These Automotive Technologies

Audi’s latest autonomous driving concept features chiseled glass windows, recycled interior trim materials, and a steering wheel that retracts into the dash, leaving behind a desk. The eye-tracking software of this modern car allows occupants to choose from menus projected on its wide color LED screen just by looking at them.

Mercedes Grab Graphics

Get Amazed By These Automotive Technologies

Get Amazed By These Automotive Technologies

Mercedes-Benz teamed up with the “Avatar” movie franchise to create a concept car. The Vision AVTR is a unique concept car that looks to the distant future. This luxury design explores a new relationship between human, machine, and nature, and depicts a future where cars are symbiotic with their surroundings. The car interfaces with the driver through a biometric connection. The driver places a hand on the center console and the car recognizes him or her by heartbeat and breathing. The center console also acts as the control unit through which the driver operates the vehicles; there is no steering wheel. It can drive autonomously in Comfort mode or the driver or other passengers can take control.

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Land Rover Dual E-Sim

Get Amazed By These Automotive Technologies

Visually, this new car doesn’t look like much, because it’s buried deep inside the dash of the cool new Land Rover Defender. But it has great functionality. It’s a second LTE modem, which allows the car to more quickly process wireless “over the air updates” to the software that runs all of its complex systems, without stealing bandwidth from favored features like streaming music and connecting to in-car apps.

Fisker Ocean

Get Amazed By These Automotive Technologies

Henrik Fisker is relaunching his namesake car company with this electric SUV, the Ocean. It will be the world’s most sustainable vehicle: materials made from recycled, abandoned fishing nets & plastics from the ocean are used in the environmentally-conscious interior. Electric vehicle range of approximately 250- 300 miles. Available with 4-wheel drive & high-performance dual motors and it has an optional full-length solar roof with the possibility of over 1,000 free miles a year. The perfect car for the ones who have a luxury lifestyle.

Hyundai/Uber Air Taxi

Get Amazed By These Automotive Technologies

Hyundai has used the grand platform of CES 2020 to unveil its take on the future of urban mobility. At the heart of its plans is its S-A1, an electric flying taxi developed with Uber. A concept at this stage, the S-A1 is a four-passenger electric aircraft designed for short urban journeys made possible by helicopter-style vertical take-off and landing. In the S-A1, Hyundai has become the first partner of Uber Elevate, Uber’s grand plan for transforming urban transportation by taking his ride-sharing business model to the sky.

We are entering an era where there is no limit in technology, and these automotive technologies are a perfect example of the transformation that technology is causing in our world.

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