New York City is home to some of the world’s greatest chefs, that is why there is so much offer for exclusive and expensive dining. Some of these most expensive restaurants require a reservation that should be made months in advance. Stay with us and discover the TOP 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in New York!


David Chang‘s most upscale restaurant handles the reservation through an online system, so you’ll have to be lucky to get a spot at this expensive restaurant. Groups of 4-7 can be seated at the tables, but smaller parties of 1-4 can only seat at the counter, where they can interact with the chefs.


With probably one of the best seafood in the city, this restaurant in New York offers fresh seafood prepared with simple techniques to enhance the food qualities. Its menu reflects the preparations of the fish, such as “Almost Raw”, “Barely Touched” and “Lightly Cooked”.

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Located at the Trump International Hotel and Tower, this expensive restaurant offers the excitement of the kitchen into the dining area with exquisite food of French cuisine.


With creative use of traditional French techniques, this restaurant offers a market-inspired cuisine. The menu keeps changing throughout the year, enhancing the best ingredients available at that moment.


Focusing on the ingredients and culinary history of New York, this expensive restaurant has won several awards. The menu is customizable in order to fulfill all the preferences and diet restrictions of each individual customer.

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Offering extremely expensive top-notch sushi made with fish that flew directly from Japan, this restaurant is one of the most expensive in New York. It is possible to have a reasonable meal at this restaurant, but the true experience is the chef’s omakase.


Not an easy reservation to score, this expensive restaurant only offers 18 seats. A three-star Michelin restaurant, this cuisine is worth the patience and the menu changes nightly Tuesday through Saturday.

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Thomas Keller’s famous Napa Valley cuisine is now available for New Yorkers not only in the French Laundry. With expertly created menus that change on a daily basis, this restaurant represents the freshest and exclusive seasonal ingredients.


With just 26 seats for the clients, this expensive restaurant offer Japanese cuisine at the Time Warner Center. With no menu, the clients can spend 2 hours enjoying an unforgettable culinary experience. When seated at the bar, clients can watch the chef while working.


Located at the Four Seasons Hotel, this restaurant offers small plates of the best French cuisine. The signature counters seating faces directly into the open kitchen, allowing for a dynamic interaction between the chefs, service team, and guests, and a view into the creative process.

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