If you want to achieve the full style for a luxury design, you definitely need modern rugs. Luxury Rugs are one of the most popular elements in a space and this is not surprising, considering the great variety of styles and designs available, and the unlimited ways they can be used in. Today, we suggest you some Luxury Rugs For A Modern Home Decor. Read on and get the style!

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Luxury Rugs Inspired By The Light Spectrum
Futuristic forms, bold colorways, and a scientific approach inform Elettrico, the latest collection of rugs by Tapis Rouge.

Based on the philosophy of natural light spectrum, Tapis Rouge’s new Luxury Rugs collection harmoniously combines the smoothness of organic form, unique qualities of scientific creation, and advanced sustainable and ethical material production to present five designs that promise to elevate and transform any space.

Luxury Rugs Inspired By The Light Spectrum

“In the 17th Century Isaac Newton identified the colors that make up the visible spectrum. Just as his discovery at a time became the first step for a new era of discoveries and world evolution, we believe that the new Elettrico collection with its never-before-used shapes will be a breakthrough in contemporary design.”

says Natalia Enze, who designed this collection for Atelier Tapis Rouge
Luxury Rugs Inspired By The Light Spectrum

The Luxury Rugs are created, cut, and washed using only elementary tools, dyes are extracted from natural plants, flowers, and trees, only natural materials – wool and silk – are used, with all plastics and synthetics omitted. 


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The Master Bedroom concept is to align the Feng Shui of the loft with the style of the owner and the result is a very unusual yet functional space made to rest with comfortable design and inspire with personalized decor.

Unexpected as this collection is, it radiates beauty and warmth, and an unyielding standard of artisanal making – the hallmarks for rugs one cherishes for generations, the perfect future heirloom.

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