Boca do Lobo presents you now the ultimate exclusive ideas for the perfect set for your luxury living room. This Portuguese and one of the most luxury brands in the world about modern furniture design offers you living room décor ideas with exclusive design.

At the moment, the brand is inserting contemporary dynamism into statement furniture and lighting, marrying traditional craft with a new playful sophistication.

If you want to improve the interior decoration of your home and build the best interior design with luxury furniture, you must read this article. Boca do Lobo offerings now the ultimate luxurious ideas with contemporary design for the perfect set for your home décor.


Luxury Living Room With Unique Furniture Pieces


Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque de Soleil, the purpose of Soleil Sofa by Boca do Lobo is to invoke, provoke and evoke. Soft, sultry curves gently embrace the sitter in this elegant vintage and contemporary style sofa.


Soleil armchair is a synthesis of styles and senses. This modern furniture piece with an exclusive design demands a particular inspiration and improves every living room into a luxury living room.


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Marco Armchair


Also by Boca do Lobo, Soleil Sconce Wall Lamp presents a particular and exclusive design. The main goal of this beautiful fine art is to be the symbol of the sun inside your luxury living room.


Angra Mirror is a tribute to famous and historical Portuguese city, Angra do Heroísmo, in Azores. With a unique furniture design, it can transform your living room into a unique space.


Luxury Living Room With Unique Furniture Pieces

Similar to the dramatic transformation and the sudden change in the animal’s body structure, Metamorphosis Center Table by Boca do Lobo, a piece of luxury furniture, experiences new unexpected design techniques, noble finishes through a meticulous artistic process.


Luxury Living Room With Unique Furniture Pieces

This modern console suits a variety of environments thanks to its graceful form. Finding balance in terms of shape, and materials, the Lapiaz Console breathes sophistication and delicacy, maintaining a light presence inside your luxury living room with its unique furniture design.


Finding inspiration in the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, Stonehenge Side Table by Boca do Lobo is a fine art piece that promises to elevate your luxury living room decor to the next level.

Boca do Lobo always has been fascinated by the reinterpretation of the past through technology and contemporary practice. Each piece has a unique furniture design, timeless character, revealing an attention to the smallest details: all of them are perfect for a luxury living room.


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Heritage Sideboard boca do lobo