Cannes Film Festival 2017, one of the most important festival for the movie industry, not just because of the awards that are given but also for all that involves this type of events. Jaw-dropping photos of superstars that have millions of fans. Here you are going to find the most special photos taken in this majestic festival. Are you ready for something different and something new? Follow me!

See for yourself and take a look one the most fantastic moments caught on camera!

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Eva Longoria Showing why she shines on the red carpet


The queen in red, so smooth so beautiful, there are things that never change


Will Smith “Say hello to the Camera”


When you caught that amazing look!


That smile says everything.


Two generations in one photo.


One color, two styles


Smile away with the prize on his hand


The princess dress


The Wind takes over everything


The photo with another photographer


The gold can be always the center of the attentions


The class of experience

Caught in the right moment

Cannes Film Festival 2017

A smile is better than a thousand words

Cannes Film Festival 2017


Representing Portugal


Shining in the dark

Cannes Film Festival 2017

A small part of the world is Luxury and we must preserve it for the next generation.

What did you think? did you like it? If so say what you think about it, do you feel inspired?

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