World’s first all-diamond ring is 150 carat, $70 million and literally carved from a single diamond with no metal support.

There is one ring to rule them all, and this is that ring.

Geneva-based Swiss jewellers Shawish has designed a 150-carat diamond ring that is literally the master of all diamond rings. The $70 million-ring at Baselworld has been chiselled from one, single faceted diamond, with no metal support at all.

The revolutionary ring is every collector’s dream. It slips on the finger and is a one solid chunk of diamond, even where the gold or platinum band should be. Brothers Mohamed and Majdy Shawesh, CEO and founders of Shawish Jewellery said: “It seemed impossible but we decided to embark in this adventure, to make a Dream come true.”

World's first all-diamond ringWorld's first all-diamond ring


The company is claiming it to be “the world’s first diamond ring,” and while that assertion isn’t backed up, it’s clear that the ring is no doubt impressive. Just to give perspective, Elizabeth Taylor’s famed ring was 33.19 carats while Kim Kardashian’s clocked in at 20.5 carats.

World's first all-diamond ring

World's first all-diamond ring World's first all-diamond ring

Either way, some lucky lady will be set for life.

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World's first all-diamond ring