It was 40 years ago that John Hardy and his wife established their company in Bali, with the goal to hand make jewelry using rare and unusual stones. The story has been a success ever since, with some of the most beautiful and individualistic pieces coming from the brand. Easily one of the most alluring and heart-hitting collections is the Cinta, which translates as “love” in the Indonesian language. Also inspiring are the nature-inspired pieces in the Bamboo and Naga lines.

8 Important Steps to Craft Exquisite Jewelry

John Hardy Naga bracelet

8 Important Steps to Craft Exquisite Jewelry

John Hardy Naga bracelet, Legends collection
Each piece of intricate John Hardy jewelry is handmade and each is unique, with sculptures, engravings, and rare gemstone settings. In fact, when a customer purchases a piece of Cinta jewelry, they also receive a card that outlines the creative process and the mystical or other properties associated with the gemstones used.

8 Important Steps to Craft Exquisite Jewelry

John Hardy Bamboo bracelet
The eight-step process that the brand uses to bring a piece of Cinta jewelry from concept to fruition, along with the time-intensive hand craftsmanship, ensures a unique, top-quality jewel of heirloom value.

The steps range from creating detailed sketches that are then developed into watercolor illustrations so that the piece takes shape and form almost from the start. Next, a three-dimensional jewelers’ wax carving is made of each design, intricately showing the details so the piece can be refined if need be.

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8 Important Steps to Craft Exquisite Jewelry
John Hardy wax mold carving

After this step, the perfectly carved wax model is cast in a gypsum mold. Using molten silver, the masterpiece is created. Once that master has been perfectly cleaned and edged, liquid silicone is poured over it to create a silicone mold. Soft wax is then injected into the silicone mold, cooled and removed and refined by hand. It is then attached to a wax tree. Finally, a sterling silver version of the tree is cast.

8 Important Steps to Craft Exquisite Jewelry

Casting the master
When all of the above steps are complete, the fine finishing of the silver components. They must be filed, sanded and assembled by hand. Only then can each and every gemstone be set into the piece. The last step is final polishing – all by hand.

John Hardy gemstone setting

Beginning in 2017, John Hardy’s new creative director, Hollie Bonneville Barden, will oversee the design of the Cinta Collection, and the new John Hardy stores in New York and Houston will carry certain pieces exclusively. Be on the watch, this promises to be one of the most successful unveilings to date.

John Hardy workshops


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