Our curated selection of leading jewellery houses and luxury design brands will ensure your Instagram feed is flooded with eye-popping creations. Stylish product shots and colourful gemstones drive these high jewellery accounts and provide never-ending inspiration for your jewellery box.

Here, we list the 10 Instagram accounts that every jewellery lover needs to follow.


A foolproof test to identify truly great jewellery design is: “If you put a piece unidentified on a tray, would someone be able to say whose it was by the distinct signatures?” Well, there is no mistaking a piece of Buccellati. Sometimes it’s the brushed gold rigato technique, sometimes its those cabochon stones in a gold honeycomb cuff. Either way, this high jewellery brand celebrates its craftsmanship and one of a kind jewels in their Instagram account.


There is saying that goes something like: “Go Bulgari or Go Home,” and the designs of this century-old Italian house inspire that kind of bravado. They are made for grand celebrations—asks fans like Liz Taylor and Monica Vitti and Isabella Rosselini and Cher. Major moments should be marked with iconic pieces like the legendary Bulgari enamel Serpenti or the ancient coin pieces that harken back to the high jewellery brand‘s roots in Greece and Rome.


Millions of “Love bracelet”-wearing people can’t be wrong. The French house’s iconic screwdriver patterned design has been a coveted gift item since its debut in the 1970s and the collection has grown—there are rings and bangles and earrings now too. The nail-inspired Juste Un Clou pieces are also incredibly popular and offer the same diverse range. And there is nothing to mark a really big moment quite like a Cartier Panthere, a design introduced to the high jewellery brand through one of its most notorious and devoted clients, the Duchess of Windsor.


This is a high jewellery brand that created the idea of Happy Diamonds—stones floating happily, dreamily even, under glass—which makes it an ideal place to go shopping for Happy Times. Chopard‘s dominance on the red carpet might make it seem intimidating, but there has been a real effort in recent years to add simpler bangles and earrings to its offerings.

David Webb

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Webb is known for boldly oversized cocktail rings and animal cuffs and pendant necklaces, and for his fearless use of stones like malachite and coral and lapis and rock crystal, but his brushed gold pieces are also a signature. Webb was a student of ancient jewels and his research is evident in the wide collars and torques he first created in the early 1970s. A little secret: before Aldo Cipullo went to work for Cartier—where he designed the Love bracelet and the Juste En Clou—he was employed in the workroom at Webb. And there is a nail series here too.


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This is very serious stuff, auction record-breaking level stones—the record for a fancy intense pink diamond was set in 2010 with the 24.78-carat Graff Pink diamond, which sold for $46 million. But when you are looking for a rare blue diamond or the stud earrings you will have for life, or an engagement ring that will guarantee a “YES!”, start here.

Harry Winston

Well, they don’t call him the King of Diamonds for nothing. Mr Winston once toured a series of historic stones, including the Hope Diamond, around the country in a public exhibition called The Court of Jewels. A visit to any Winston store around the world can still feel this way, like a secret visit inside a vault of legends. But don’t let that intimidate you. Think of it instead as an invitation to trust, especially for celebratory pieces that are also investments in the future.


There have been entire movie scenes dedicated to getting an engagement ring at Tiffany. And they still do weddings—from rings to bands to table settings—very, very, very well. But more of life’s big moments can be celebrated here too: Elsa Peretti bean pendant or Bone cuff, a simple T bangle, the iconic Please Return to Tiffany silver heart charm, a Tiffany key. And if you think anyone can resist the power of that blue box, well, try it and let us know how it goes.

Van Cleef & Arpels

The Alhambra, Van Cleef’s lucky clover, has become almost a rite of celebratory passage. And the house consistently expands the palette of this lucky charm—there is mother of pearl and malachite and turquoise and coral and carnelian, and that’s just the beginning—which makes it ideal high jewellery to collect over time, charting a jewellery memory lane of celebratory moments. If there is a dancer in the family, then one of the Van Cleef jewelled ballerina brooches would cap off an epic celebration. Or for Jackie Onassis fans, the hammered gold Manchette cuffs are something of a party in themselves.


Fulco di Verdura was famously friends with celebration-loving people like Coco Chanel and Cole and Linda Porter. The house’s legendary Maltese Cross cuffs are said to have been inspired by Chanel and by a trip she and Fulco took to visit a mosaic of Empress Theodora in Italy. A pair of matching Verdura Maltese Cross cuffs is a reason enough for anyone to celebrate, but there are simpler places to start. The equally famous Verdura Curb-Link bracelet, which made news when Greta Garbo was spotted wearing one in her garden, can be bought link by link, year by year. Once someone has 13 of the separate links they can go to Verdura and have them made into a bracelet.

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