Harry Winston founded one of the worlds’ best jewelry brands in 1932. The Art Deco scene was in its auge and its signature designs personified the luxury and glamour of the period. Art Deco is characterized by bold geometric shapes, lavish ornamentation and rich colors. However, the style can also be delicate, refined and colorless.

Harry Winston Exclusive Art Deco Collection

With a profound understanding and appreciation for the aspects that brought fine jewelry to life, Mr. Winston challenged his designers to explore these various art forms, as a way to transform precious gemstones into extraordinary creations of unparalleled beauty.

Harry Winston Exclusive Art Deco Collection Watch

Harry Winston Exclusive Art Deco Collection 3 Watch


The exclusive design style of the 1930’s Art Deco is now revisited in the new bespoke Art Deco Collection by one of the most expensive jewelry brands, Harry Winston. The collection evokes the iconic elegance of the time, with an array of round brilliant and carefully calibrated baguette diamonds that are meticulously set in a symmetrical medley of geometric shapes and angular forms. All of this bespoke jewelry represents a singular sculptural motif, whether it is used as a central design element or repeated one.



A pair of single motif diamond earrings and a delicate diamond pendant complete this luxury goods collection, while a complementary ladies timepiece allows for a bold statement of personal style – no matter the hour or occasion. Crafted entirely out of platinum and the world’s finest diamonds, the Art Deco Collection continues the House’s longstanding commitment to exceptional quality in craftsmanship and design, perfect for a daily luxury lifestyle.



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