British department store Harrods has refurbished its Fine Jewelry Room to create a more private environment and highly personalized experience for its consumers.

Harrods recreates historic ambience of jewelry department3

Located on the department store’s ground floor, Harrods’ Fine Jewelry Room has been redesigned to include a screened seating area for each counter selling iconic, exclusive, rare and limited-edition pieces. Given the high price and sentimentality of jewelry purchases, Harrods’ commitment to a private shopping experience will likely resonate with its discerning consumers.

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The redevelopment of Harrods’ central jewelry counters were designed by David Collins Studio in London. The screened areas allow brands that sell at Harrods to be shown in an unrivaled environment.

Harrods recreates historic ambience of jewelry department

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Harrods’ concept for the new counters was inspired by archival images of the retailer’s Fine Jewelry department of year’s past. The counters were designed to also complement the exterior of the larger boutiques that line the department.

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Harrods overall Fine Jewelry space was inspired by the retailer’s original Gem Room. The department features a soft onyx color palette against vintage-inspired glass counters of cast bronze panels, polished brass detailing and antique accents.

The renovations of the Fine Jewelry Room include bespoke lighting used to display jeweler’s collections in “their most sparkling light.” Harrods worked with a jewelry lighting expert to recreate natural daylight to showcase the pieces at their very best.

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