Christmas is coming, and this year Bulgari lights up iconic cities around the world with exclusive lights that recreate its most iconic jewellery designs.

Taipei Christmas lighting at Bulgari store

One of the best jewelry brands around the world, knows how to work magic into Christmas. For the coming holiday season, the creator of renown luxury goods will bring light into cities around the world by recreating its most iconic jewellery designs into bigger-than-life light installations that encircle the brand’s boutiques. Think Bulgari’s signature Serpenti wrapped around the boutique. Talk about luminous charm. The jeweller also rolls out the Diva motif this year as well.

New-York lighting


Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo and Taipei house the Serpenti, and Paris, New York and Chengdu are graced with the seduction of the Diva. Chengdu’s installation merits special mention. Shining with 94.828 individual lights and over 13-metre tall, the lights are the brainchild of a design process that spanned 60 days to create and four days to set up. The LED lights used are all handmade and eco-friendly too.

Paris lighting


For its homeland in Rome, this wonderfull brand reserved a street-long lighting display, illuminating the prestigious Via dei Condotti with portals that recall its ancestral architecture to brighten the holiday road ahead. At the apex of each portal arch shines an eight-pointed star, the legendary symbol of the four cardinal points – North, South, East and West – as they are united to the two solstices, and the two equinoxes. Representing balance and cosmic order, and closely linked to the concept “Roma Caput Mundi,” this symbolic eight-pointed star stands centred on the floor at Bulgari’s flagship store, with sister stars decorating Bulgari boutiques around the world.

Hong-Kong christmas illumination

Within the Via dei Condotti store windows – and in all the 300 store windows worldwide – this star twinkles anew, joined by beautiful constellations – the Snake to echo of the seductive Serpenti collection, the Peacock constellation to interpret resplendent Diva, and the Lion to recall the audacious spirit of B.zero1.

Ginza flagship store


So, if you’re planning on seeking out some glamour in your luxury life for brighter yuletide days, Luxury Safes suggests you, to pick up some of these shining cities and enjoy a sparkling Christmas with Bulgari.