When it comes to luxury yatches, it seems that nothing is lacking in these glamorous water craft, in fact I would say that it’s the homes that seem to be lacking, after all no matter how nice your backyard pool is its no comparison to a nice island cove in the Mediterranean or Caribbean.

I hope you enjoy these luxury yacht interior designs and get some interior design inspiration if you are fortunate enough to have one yourself.
Yacht owners are making it known to their interior designers that texture more than counts – it rules. The rewards of a beautiful hand, the richness it adds to the yachting experience, are nevertheless subtle, easier to feel than see. A third skin of fine textures layered around one’s second skin is beginning to define the luxury yacht experience. Marshalling all of one’s resources to create a ‘wow’ visual first impression is fast becoming secondary.

How are megayacht designers rising to the challenge of interpreting this new notion of luxury? Regardless of what people are wearing as their second skin – a Valentino suit or a Speedo and towel – the design of the third skin enveloping them must simultaneously flatter, delight, energize and soothe all on board.

Manufacturers are responding to this complex challenge, as well. They are now offering designers a cornucopia of custom silks and chenilles, velvets and cottons, cashmeres, linens and leathers, wools, speciality indoor/outdoor synthetics, warm woods and veneers, along with matte-finished or otherwise roughed-up marbles and granite.

Spaciousness at sea is much like spaciousness on land: it’s a feeling, an experience not measurable in square footage. When we’re feeling cramped, space is a good thing. When we’re feeling isolated and disconnected, a football field of interior space can feel vacuous. At that point, we seek out a small, intimate space that makes us feel more at home.

The challenge for designers of megayachts is to make what feels too small feel bigger and vice versa without resorting to drastic measures.
Although the latest floating palaces have increased dramatically in size, it would be an exercise in masochism to compare even the largest yacht aft decks and salons to living spaces on land.

The key to making a small space large is not only a sense of scale, it’s giving that scale a sense of excitement. Soften the upholstery fabrics so they blend in with the surrounding walls. Too many jarring contrasts and interruptions make a small space cramped.

When it comes to designing a luxury yacht, you want to stay current on the latest interior design trends, so I suggest you have a look at the examples below:

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