The Quintessentially One is the finest and stunning superyacht and floating private club in the planet created by the British luxury concierge company Quintessentially.

Due to make its first luxury travel in 2019/2020, the Quintessentially One is billed as the world’s largest luxury boat, only with exclusive and unique invitations. This sailing yacht with an exclusive design will provide the opportunity for the global elite to tour the world and attend the world’s most desirable events, such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. Furthermore, this luxury yacht will play and host amazing parties with huge star performers.



For your comfort and convenience and to improve a luxury lifestyle, Quintessentially One brings the most famous luxury brands from Manhattan to London all under our roof. The main goal of this luxury boat is to give and to provide a unique experience to all the guests.


Quintessentially One - The Finest Superyacht in the Planet


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Odette Sofa



Quintessentially One is a 220m long yacht which operates as a floating destination. With contemporary interior design, this luxury boat also features a boutique hotel with the finest accommodation with modern suites, stunning triplex apartments located on the top decks, an onboard theatre, and a big name and famous restaurant – The Wolseley restaurant.


Besides this, this luxury yacht will boast a business center, a library, and a shopping emporium. Inside it, experience the pinnacle of luxury living with Campbell Gray hotels. For cuisine, in the grand European tradition, The Wolseley will impress all with its elegant dishes and glamorous atmosphere. The Box, Manhattan’s most celebrated theatre show, will bring great entertainment.



This exclusive design big boat also wants the best of their guests, so the health and well-being will always be tended to by Quintessence Spas that will offer luxurious spa treatments. Quintessentially One is a sailing yacht that will port at the most exciting and attractive locations in the world, where exclusive guests could live a luxury experience.


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