The new and massive 357-Foot-Superyacht by Oceanco, one of the most yacht’s luxury brands, is a modern sailing yacht with a wonderful architectural design and stunning luxury accommodations. This luxury yacht was launched on 17 November 2018 and is the most exciting hybrid yet.

But before we discover this new superyacht, we must discover the brand and some of its yacht designs. Oceanco is a world-class builder of custom superyachts in the 80–140 meters range. Every yacht starts with the owner’s vision and about how the yacht looks and how it feels. Before we meet Project Bravo, take a look at some yachts and luxury boats made and designed by Oceano.



The Project Shark yacht features a superstructure that is finished in reflective glass and looks as technologically advanced as it is.


Oceanco’s 361-foot Jubilee, launched in the summer of 2017, is the largest yacht ever built in The Netherlands.


The 350-foot Black Pearl is one of the fastest and stunning sailing superyachts ever.


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After you see some of the most famous masterpieces by Oceanco, we present you the new one: Oceanco‘s 109m/357ft “Project Bravo” is a prime example of Oceanco‘s new wave of forward-thinking yachts with a contemporary design to live a unique experience in the sea.

With a naval architecture by Lateral Naval Architects, an exterior design and layout by Nuvolari Lenard and an interior design by Reymond Langton Design, Bravo is unlike any proceeding Oceanco. It is the first Oceanco’s yacht to utilize its innovative LIFE (Lengthened, Innovative, Fuel-efficient, Eco-friendly) design.

LIFE revolves around intelligent naval architecture that leverages a number of fundamental principles, which create a harmonious balance between weight, power, technical areas and luxury interior on board.


Bravo embodies Oceanco’s expertise in building large complex yachts. With Project Bravo, it was created a truly spectacular yacht full of modern technology, whose excellence is a clear reflection of the commitment of a dynamic and professional project team.


Perfect for a luxury lifestyle, this yacht’s elegant contemporary interior was worked by artisans and craftsmen to create bespoke artworks, fabrics and signature furniture pieces that all combine to create a warm, inviting environment on board for the Owner’s family and guests. Besides this, it complements the exterior design.


Oceanco’s New 357-foot Project Bravo – A Hybrid Superyacht

With a remarkable and revolutionary design, the main approach with Bravo was to maintain a stunningly sleek profile without sacrificing any interior space. Its new exterior style concept is bound to create a new design stream. Bravo pushes the limits within the world of yachts to a new level.


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