The design studio Mercedes-Benz Style has been working with the German completion design center Lufthansa Technik on an interior design for VIP jet. This interior design is completely different to “traditional” jet interiors. We can say it is like an S-Class, but better and in the sky.

Mercedes-Benz VIP Jet Cabin6Mercedes-Benz VIP Jet Cabin4

Indeed the concept aims to break down traditional jet layouts with a spiral element. It will help to create new independent zones within the cabin. Moreover, Mercedes use a contrast with the materials, the colors and the lightings. The space looks completely different than in another jet. The brand describes the cabin as “organic and homogeneous, like a DNA helix”.

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Mercedes-Benz VIP Jet Cabin2

So the cabin is divided in two, but without wall, just by using different materials for the walls and floors. The cabin windows are concealed by panels inspired by the screen design in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Touchscreens and video displays also can be integrated into the panels.

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Mercedes-Benz VIP Jet Cabin3Mercedes-Benz VIP Jet Cabin5

At this stage, it is only a concept that both companies are working on. But we wanted to share this with you, because we find this completely different and appealing. Both companies are putting a lot of efforts in this project as they assess the level of customer interest in the VIP market. You can check their website here for more info.

Mercedes-Benz VIP Jet Cabin1